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SCP-1012 pre-admittance

Item #: SCP-989
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-989 should be kept in a room made entirely of paper material.
Description: SCP-989 was initially classified as SAFE by Triage Research due to it’s elevated readings of brainwave activity, however upon discovery of semi- ██████ous material inside of attached bucket that did not exist during initial triage, it appears that SCP-989 is in fact sentient.

SCP-989 visually appears to be made of sandstone, however once it was reclassified to Euclid and sent to the Deep Examination Division, it was discovered that the external material is actually cellular material secreted by internals of SCP-989 as some sort of protection mechanism from physical danger or trauma. Deep Examination Division staff attempted to break away some of the cells with a hammer and chisel, but attempts were unsuccessful leaving no evidence that an attempt had even been made at all. A diamond saw was later used, with similar results.

It should be noted that upon arrival SCP-989 bore deep gashes in it’s dermis most likely resulting from some sort of attack from an identified creature sporting features stronger than diamond.

Attempts to communicate verbally with SCP-989 were unsuccessful, however later attempts using handwriting proved more successful. The responding handwriting to our regular battery of questions was illegible - very childlike.

Recommend continued storage and research at Sector-25 for 9-12 months at which point a reassessment of storage conditions will be made.

Addendum: SCP-989 bears a striking resemblance to Dr. █████s’ daughter who has been missing for 11 months. Tests are being run to match brainwave activity signatures of SCP-989 with that of [NAME REDACTED].

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