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Item #: SCP-1059

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1059 is to be kept in a padded, round chamber, measuring ten (10) meters in diameter. The ceiling is to have a clearance of five meters with adequate lighting for living conditions. Two large windows are to be on opposite sides of the chamber, measuring four meters in width, and four meters in height. Windows should be reinforced or tempered. The chamber is to be furnished with a solitary, full-sized bed, a shower and sink, and any other affects requested by SCP-1059 within reason.

Staff interacting with SCP-1059 and its environment are highly advised to wear gas masks and gloves as a precautionary measure to infection; while the subject is not directly hazardous in its current state, any form of exposure to its condition directly will be dangerous. Medical teams should be on standby to administer high-grade painkillers, perform amputations, and other preventative measures if necessary.

Description: SCP-1059 is a 183cm tall, human female. Subject claims to be, at the time of documentation, one-hundred seventeen (117) years old, born the 26th of January, 1895. Initial observations gave the subject chalky white flesh. Subject has blue eyes. Majority of facial features have decayed over time, or been replaced as a result of SCP-1059-1. As a result, the subject insists upon wearing a Soviet, GP-5, civilian issue gas-mask. Approximate weight is ~70 Kg (~140 Lbs); precise measurements are not possible due to the subject’s condition. Subject does not require nourishment, but has made requests for various foodstuffs.

SCP-1059 is affected by a unique condition, referred to as SCP-1059-1 (See below for in-depth analysis). This condition, in short, converts the major muscle systems, skin(See SCP-1059 Log-A), hair and several organs, into mainly cortical bone. Muscle tissue is converted into an intricate series of discs, maintained through complex, mechanical interaction between structures. In some instances, the system is held together through cartilage, acting as complex, but highly efficient tendons and ligaments, allowing a range of motion wider than would be physically possible in a normal human being.

Organs such as the heart, skin(See SCP-1059 Log-A), tongue, lungs, the better part of the reproductive system, and the digestive system, are either maintained in function through the same mechanical process as the muscle system (I.E. The heart and reproductive organs are composed primarily of cartilage, while the tongue has taken on a highly-complex, mechanical structure), or repurposed toward other functions, unknown at the time of documentation. The reason for organs such as the eyes, brain, lungs, and a few other portions of the body not being incorporated/converted is under investigation.

The phalanges have taken on a claw-like appearance as a result of the conversion of the finger-nails and cuticles; the entire digit grows over time. SCP-1059 takes the initiative to file them so as not to injure personnel, as the digits can become extremely sharp given time. The same behavior is observable in the replaced hair follicles, although, due to number, the subject frequently avoids maintaining the “safety” of the structures, often allowing them to break naturally.

SCP-1059-1: Upon further investigation of SCP-1059, it was determined that the effect is a genetic virus, similar in function to AIDS and Ebola. The virus is communicable by skin contact, air, and water. SCP-1059 claims to be the only carrier in existence, and due to the effects of her condition, will likely be the last due to her own precautions (See Interview A). Foundation staff have been notified to watch for any possible outbreaks.

The conversion is started, after communication, by intercepting and invading cells within the bloodstream after traveling through either a point of contact on the skin, or by inhalation. Testing revealed that the immune system puts up a staunch defense, basically expending itself on attempting to destroy infected cells before they can divide. In short, the conversion is too fast for the immune system to keep up with. It has been suggested that a subject with a stronger than average immune system could repel or at least contain the infection to a small part of the body, but not tested. Once a cell is invaded, viral RNA are introduced to the cell’s own mRNA chains, which are then passed into the nucleus.

At this point, the cell is repurposed, and forced into mitosis. One of the cells dies, releasing additional viruses to spread infection. The surviving cell carries on with original processes, only now expressing the physical characteristics and additional workings of human osteoblasts. Given time, as observed in SPC-1059-1, the cells will eventually form osteocytes.

Another interesting, observed effect of the virus is that the replication process effectively makes the host biologically immortal; they cannot die due to age. With the added structure and protection delivered by the new cells, it also makes the host impervious to most conventional melee assaults, and conventional small arms fire has been shown to have a significantly reduced effect. Subject is, in theory, considerably susceptible to explosive ordinance, however.

Natural healing is observed in the regeneration and reforming of bone over time. It is of merit to note that the cells appear to exhibit biological regeneration; the regeneration of large sections of an organism’s physiology. In an accident, SCP-1059’s right foot was severely damaged, breaking and separating along the right side. Before medical staff were able to reattach the severed bones, the foot had already begun to show signs of regeneration. This led to further testing, which indicated that the limb would regenerate within a two week period. Staff have deduced that this process can occur with any converted or repurposed portion of the host. Remaining soft tissue organs, such as the brain and parts of the lungs, have not been tested to verify the actual extension of this effect. It would, in theory, be expressed though, due to the retention of the vein network. Joint and points of considerable use, such as the hands, mouth, tongue, and eye-sockets, have been observed regenerating cells lost naturally through movement in mere two-hour periods.

SCP-1059 stated that it has taken extensive measures to ensure the condition not be spread, but has been unable to remove the reproductive organs. Foundation staff have come to the conclusion that monitoring and a maintenance of normal protocol will ensure such a procedure does not have to be done surgically; such an action would require a great deal of precaution, and risk of high-ranking casualties as a result is plausible.

Origin and Discovery

Interviews with SCP-1059 suggest that the subject is French in origin, having been born in the Lorraine region in the north-east of the country. At some point during the First World War, she recounts being kidnapped by one of the combating factions. At this point, she is unable to account for her whereabouts for some time; approximately four years. Sector 25 revealed [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon the discovery of her location, SCP-1059 was apprehended by Mobile Task Force Beta-7 and a detail of ARR Task Force Xi-13. Upon retrieval, SCP-1059 was confined to Sector 25. Testing and collection of data began on the 7th of December, 2011.

The reason for SCP-1059’s current containment procedures are to negate the possibility of suicide, present in the subject based on psychoanalysis. While conventional tools such as knives will not cause the subject injury, if at all, enough force trauma to the head would likely kill her by way of either excessive brain damage, or severe concussion. A staff member should be on-duty for suicide watch at all times.*

*I see no reason to treat the subject any more harshly than we have to. Her current condition and the physical stresses placed upon her daily by SCP-1059-1 are more than enough. The least we can do is satisfy her personal wishes within reason. We’ve done far more in the past for more troublesome subjects, and this one is not to say the least. – Dr. Haldis


SCP-1059 has reported that, while biologically advantageous in almost every way, the current process by which the virus acts retains the nerve network and nervous system almost in its entirety. Similar to victims suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia, SCP-1059’s nerves can detect and experience the pain caused by even simple movements such as speech or producing a fist. This is caused as a direct result of SCP-1059's bones grinding against each other during movement. This includes the process of breathing, and maintaining a heartbeat. While SCP-1059-1 negates the physical damage caused by such movements, the levels of pain produced by minor movements are as much as fifteen (15) Dols*. SCP-1059 has apparently built up a significant tolerance to pain as a result, but such adaptation in no way warrants a negation, only the ability to work through or put up with basic functions.

Several solutions have been proposed by presiding researchers to allow for easier testing procedures, the prolonged psychological health of the subject, and the improvement thereof. However, due to the lack or new structure of most organs, it is currently impossible to administer any form of anesthetic to the subject. Positively, this negates the possibility of aggressive action, although such tendencies have not been observed in any form since first contact with SCP-1059.

*For reference, childbirth in humans is charted between 35 and 45 Dols consistently.

Logs and Notes

SCP-1059 Log A

>Staff Member: Dr. Tristan Haldis
>Date: 9 December, 2011
>Sub.: SCP-1059
>Log: A
> Did my first interview with SCP-1059 this morning, about three hours ago. Right now, I am not sure 
>what to think.
>When I asked her, rather, the subject what she knew of her condition, we were expecting one of three 
>things: a crazy, over-the-top monster that would try and kill us all, a bewildered, horribly altered 
>woman who knew next to nothing about what had happened to her, or a crazed cultists of some kind 
>that had made a pact with the devil or Charles Darwin’s inbred cousin or something. Instead, we get a 
>well versed, multilingual, century-old French girl who was…well I am not allowed to talk about it 
>now am I?
>Basically, we were able to determine exactly what was going on with her during the initial testing the 
>past two days. That virus was something I’d never really seen before. I mean, sure, the Foundation 
>has its share of crazy mutagenic bio-weapons and the like, but a virus that turns your internal organs 
>into bone? That’s out in left field for sure.
>But what was really weird is that the subject almost knew exactly what the virus had done to her. Like 
>she had been tracking its progress the entire time, making notes, deducing facts; she’s been playing 
>scientist ever since this happened to her. All the while hiding herself from everyone and God.
>And we were wrong, about something. The subject proved us wrong.
>The virus doesn’t replace the skin.
>We checked the basic nucleic acid sequences that we had already deciphered from the viral samples 
>collected. That confirmed it. Nothing to suggest any dermal cells were directly affected by the virus. 
>And the continued blood flow insisted that there was nothing to suggest there would be any form of 
>side effect to the skin as a result of other symptoms.
>I elected to inquire SCP-1059 on the matter shortly after the interview.
>She’d torn it off.
>Not even with a knife or any other instrument. She’d done it with her bare hands. She’d peeled it off.
>What has to happen to someone for them to do that to themselves?
>Maybe I really am too young for this position.

SCP-1059 Interview A

>Interviewer: Dr. Tristan Haldis
>Interviewee: SCP-1059
>Date: 10 December 2011
>Begin Interview
>Haldis: SCP-1059, good morning.
>SCP-1059: Please try to call me by my name, Doctor. Names may not be important to this facility, but 
>they still are to me. 
>Haldis: …Alright. Sadie, I’d like to start off with a few questions about the virus.
>SCP-1059: What about it?
>Haldis: Do you believe you have communicated the virus to anyone aside from [DATA EXPUNGED].
>SCP-1059: No. The ███████████████████████████████.
>Haldis: Sorry?
>SCP-1059: ████████████████████████.
>Haldis: I understand…
>[Brief Pause]
>Haldis: The staff and I have been wondering…why did you…why did you remove your skin?
>SCP-1059: To stop it from spreading.
>Haldis: It is communicable by touch as well?
>SCP-1059: By the oils on your skin; yes.
>Haldis: I assume you determined this through experience.
>SCP-1059: Yes.
>Haldis: …Did you kill them?
>SCP-1059: [No Response; Sobbing is vaguely audible.]
>[Recording stopped manually]
>End Interview
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