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SCP-xxxx - The man that wasn't.
Item #:** SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure:
Subject is kept within a padded cell and is to be medicated using document '23-A'. A therapist meeting should be provided once(1) every week. SCP-xxxx should always be referred to in person as 'Mr Smith', as using his SCP designation has shown a volatile response and resulted in minor injuries to it and research personnel. Three(3) audio recording devices should be kept installed in the walls of the cell. Batteries should be changed weekly.

To date subject has requested:

  • Several audio recorders to be kept in his cell. Granted. Containment procedures updated to include them.
  • A hand-held recorder. Denied. Subject were allowed to record his own material and then granted an mp3 player. Subject may retain this device while out of his cell.
  • Several pictures of himself to be kept in his cell. Granted. Pictures installed along cell walls using unbreakable plastic.
  • Paper and writing material. Granted. Subject given free supply of A4 paper and crayons.
  • A human being kept in his cell at all times. Denied. 'Panic' button installed in cell. When used, guard should check on SCP-xxxx.
  • A chair and a bed. Granted due to good behavior. Furniture bolted to the floor.
  • A mirror. Denied.

Foundation personnel wishing to visit or make use of SCP-xxxx for experiments must seek permission from his currently designated therapist. When in SCP-xxxx vicinity, personnel should refer to it as 'Mr Smith'. In the event of a containment breach, immediate termination of SCP-xxxx is authorized.

Description. SCP-xxxx is a a 47 year old male of African American descent. SCP-xxxx becomes violent if referred to by any other means than his name. Unless constantly reaffirming its existence, SCP-xxxx slowly fades out of reality. SCP-xxxx is capable of spreading this effect to items and people in its vicinity. This seems to be unwilling and undirected. The effect manifests in a gradual decrease in the ability to percieve the affected item by any known means, artificial or natural until it eventually vanishes. The Foundation have been unable to determine the extent of this ability to a satisfiable degree but current experimental data suggests it is localized to SCP-xxxx.

Addendum-1 Please note the containment procedures only calls for referring to SCP-xxxx as 'Mr Smith' while in its vicinity, and this only due to its sensitive mental state. At all other times it should be referred to using its SCP designation. It has been noted personnel assigned to SCP-xxxx have failed to do so. Further violations of this will be reprimanded. Please people, keep it professional. -Director ████

Interview Logs
Interview #1
Interviewed: SCP-xxxx

Interviewer: Dr Steward

<Begin Log: ████-██-██ ████>

"Tell us about yourself."

"Yeah I can do that. My name is Adam Smith. I'm forty seven years old. Used to work as a carpenter. And now I'm here."

"When did you first note your unusual properties?"

Subject silent. Clutches at interview table. Stewards cough.

"Sorry. It wasn't unusual, not at the start. I was… pretty normal once. I'm still a normal human though. My name is Adam Smith. Sorry but I really need to repeat it. A lot."

*Subject lets out a small non-amused laugh*

"When did they first occur?"

"I would… rather just be here. Really."

"Please, for the record."

"About two years ago. I'd never really been isolated you know? I had a pretty large family, okay popularity in high school, then right to work. Construction work means lots of travel. Airports. Construction sites. Usually a lot of people."

"I see."

"Yeah, well, two years ago, I'm working at [Redacted]. Get a message from my boss, wants me to meet him in his room. So I go there. Could tell from his tone it's not going to be good news. I go there. So I'm standing in his office and he tells me about the accident. Wife… Laura she was called… dead. My two children. Gone. My father. Gone. Fucking… Car…"

Subject becomes quiet at this point and remains so for an extended period of time. After approximately half a minute Stewards coughs again. Subject immediately responds.

". So anyway. So yeah. I still had a family. But my mother you know, she just lost the love of her life, I doubt she ever really recovered after that, and you know most of my siblings have lives of their own. And I, I'm there at the funeral. And afterwards, I am at home, and there's… I am at home. Everyone's gone home."

"You were alone."

Subject appears uncomfortable.

"So yeah. I go back to work after a week. Everyone told me to take a vacation. Hah. Might as well tell me to go to hell. Try to bury myself in it really, the work, figuratively speaking, the work. But I'm there right at the construction sites, trying to… I don't know. Keep people around me. And something is different."

"Different how?"

"It started small. People didn't pay attention, I'd yell to someone and they wouldn't notice, I'd be in a group and people wouldn't let me get a point across. On the construction sites. Pretty normal stuff, I'd imagine. I thought I had just not been that sociable. For well… good reasons. But then… "

"When did you first notice the effect getting worse?"

"I did notice it getting worse. It was six months after I lost my family. It was a morning. It was a Tuesday. I was getting a shave and well… I couldn't recognize my face."

"It had changed?"

"No, it's… I don't know, it is difficult to explain, it only lasted a moment. I could tell there was a face there, a human face, I just couldn't pick out any details. Or more correctly, I could tell it had them, eyes, a nose, mouth, that sort of thi- I have a face. I'm black. Black forty seven year old former carpenter. Adam Smith. But I wasn't, at that point in time, able to describe it."

"And then?"

"Well… it was just one of those things you know? I figured I'd just been stressed out. Didn't notice anything else for a few weeks but then…"

Subject becomes silent at this point, grabs his own wrists, appears to be checking for a pulse.


"Well. There was a guy named Stevens at the site, fun guy, good worker. Suddenly everyone started to refer to me as Stevens. I'd walk down the aisle and someone would yell 'Stevens', could you help us with this or that, and I'd turn around and they'd be like 'oops sorry'."

"And you though this was strange why?"

"Steven is a white blond thirty something from Norway."


"Yeah. People was all like 'weird, must be the lightning, you kind of walked like him to'. It became a bit of an injoke. One time I was mistaken for Peterson. At least with him I had the same body type. Didn't know whether people were messing with me or not. Seems a cruel thing to… well I was there at least. And then… the other stuff happened. "

"Please. I am eager to hear your story."

"When I was alone, I sometimes where, I started to notice… lapses. Like… I'd be in a room alone and it'd feel like ten minutes, but would be more like two hours. Or four. Or fifteen. It got worse and then it got better and I just had no clue what it was and then after a while I started to note a pattern. Generally I didn't look at the time until someone came by."

"I see."

"At first I thought I was just going crazy. Like… you see documentaries sometimes you know? There's all stuff of weird shit out there. I thought I had gotten some kind of… mental breakdown or something, couldn't deal with time properly anymore. So I… went to see a doctor. Psychologist. He was okay. Gave me some pills and listened to what I had to say. Hell he even helped me with… well the grief. Made it a little easier."

"But the strange occurrences continued?"

"I started feeling… really bad, about being alone. Like… It's hard to explain. A creeping, uncomfortable feeling. Almost like nothing was real anymore, and soon I wouldn't be either. And I know that's crazy. But I'm trying to remain sane. As sane as I can be. So yeah. Other things happened. I started to compensate. Got some weird habits. Talking to myself. Keeping the radio on while sleeping. Eventually got a recording of my own voice. People noticed of course. Then it came out I had been seeking a psychologist. Gave me 'mandatory vacation'. Hah. Worst nice gesture ever. "

"You weren't, at this point, about to travel home."

"Hell no. Took a plane to [REDACTED]. Nice place, plenty of people."

"And the results."

"It got… you know. And well, I could keep it under control, I thought, I mean while alone I just had to keep talking right? But um…"

"Please continue. I am eager to hear your story."

"This girl, this girl couldn't describe my face… this… it was just a moment. She seemed confused, I asked her what's the matter, she told me she just couldn't place me… I asked what, what do you mean, she tells me its nothing, I press the issue, she tells me, she just couldn't recognize me I ask her why, we've never meet, she tells me she just saw this human guy standing in the hall way for a second and she couldn't for her life describe him. Then she noticed me. It was a brightly lit hallway. It was spreading. I'm here. Yes. I'm here. I'm here."

"Thank you for your cooperation. You may return to your cell. These guards will show you the way."

<End Log: █████-██-██ ████>

Closing Statement: No record has been found of the subjects family, his stay at his school, or his life before two years ago. To the best of our knowledge, it does not exist.

Interview #2

Interviewed: SCP-xxxx

Interviewer: Dr Thorns

<Begin Log: ████-██-██ ████>

"Ah. Good day SCP-xxxx let's get…."


<End Log: █████-██-██ ████>

Closing Statement: Subject was tazered by nearby guard and carried out of the room. Dr Thorns were threated for a broken nose, several lost teeth, and had five stitches across his brow. Containment procedures updated.

Interview #19

Interviewed: SCP-xxxx

Interviewer: Dr Stewards

<Begin Log: ████-██-██ ████>

Interview #19

"Good day Mr Smith."

"I'm human. I'm here. I'm human. I'm forty seven years old. Smith, Adam Smith. Smith as in a surname. Used to work as a carpenter. Human. Human carpenter."

"How do you feel today?"

"Human. Male. Carpenter. Construction worker. Human. Feel human. Feels desk. Feels air fill my lungs. Sees other people. With my eyes. Sees other people with my eyes."

"How is your medication working?"

"I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I exist. I'm here. I'm human. Homo Sapiens. Male. I'm here."

"Do you wish to return to your cell?"

"I wish. Yes. I'm human. Forty seven years old. Smith, Adam Smith. Smith as in surname. Used to work as a carpenter. Human carpenter.

<End Log: █████-██-██ ████>

Closing Statement: Efforts to keep subject in a stable state of near-panic appears successful. Recommend to continue medicating with Class-B amnesiacs and the prescribed psychotropic drugs. Weekly therapist sessions should continue as well.

Experiment Logs

Experiment #16:
Test procedure: SCP-XXX was tied down and made unable to speech. Researcher assistant Reiner and Dieter were in the room and kept observing subject. Dr Thorns supervised from an adjacent room.
Date:* █████-██-██*
5m:12s : Unable to recognize subject as SCP-xxxx.
9m:32s : Unable to recognize clothes of SCP-xxxx
14m:07s : unable to identify SCP-xxxx race.
17m:00s : unable to identify what SCP-xxxx is currently doing.
19m:46s : unable to identify how SCP-xxxx is sitting.
20m:41s : unable to identify anything save the presence of a humanoid creature in the room.
Research Assistant Dieter started a recording at this point, consisting of SCP-xxxx describing himself. Subject returned to a describable state, curled up in a fetus like position on the floor. No sign of the restraints or the chair subject was placed in. SCP-xxxx was provided Class B amnesiacs after experiment. Subsequent tests showed similar results, with a minor variation in timing, tending downwards.
Test Conclusion: It would appear SCP-xxxx condition is slowly getting worse. - Dr Thorns

Experiment #19:
Test procedure: Experiment 16 was repeated. At the humanoid creature phase, were replaced by D-Class personnel with prior experience in SCP testing. D Personnel will hereafter be referred to as D-1 and D-2.
Date:* █████-██-██*
D Personnel expressed agitation at the half perceived creature. D-1 clawed against the door while D-2 kept his eyes at what remained of SCP-xxxx. The following conversation was recorded.
Assistant Reiner "Please describe what you see."
D-1 "[Expletives Redacted] let us out!"
D-2 "I don't know, there's… it's… there's something in here! I can't see it."
Assistant Reiner "How do you know there is something in there?"
D-2"[Expletives Redacted]"
Assistant Reiner "How do you know there is something in there?"
D-2 "I can feel it! Dude! It vanished, get them to open the [Expletive Redacted] door!"
D-1 "I'm trying, I'm trying!"
Assistant Reiner. "Please remain calm."
D-2 "It's coming for us! I can tell it is coming for us!"
At this point D-2 started screaming. D-1 started crying. A recording of SCP-xxxx describing himself was activated, and armed personnel entered the room. D-1 was curled up in a fetus position at the entrance. D-2 was found lying a bit further away unconscious and was initially mistaken for SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx was initially unlocatable, but after approximately 3 minutes, 19 seconds, could be found leaning against the far wall, clutching his head in his hand, apparently suffering a panic attack.
Class B amnesiacs were administered to SCP-xxxx.

Test Conclusion: Though the chance is small, if SCP-xxxx ever learns to control his abilities it is likely he would become extremely dangerous. It is therefore recommended any therapy given to him strives to keep him in a state where he is focused on his own survival above other considerations. - Dr Thorns

SCP-1108 - The Cyclops
Item #: SCP-1108
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained within an 10x15 meter cell. The cell should be kept empty save for a black stone slab, SCP-1088-1, into which a chain is embedded. The other end of the chain locks around SCP-1108s ankle. The shackle is locked in place by a six(6) centimeter long pin; at no point should this pin be removed. Should the subject need to be moved for any reason, at least six fully armed guards should be deployed, along with two extra personnel to carry the slab. The stone slab weights 62 kg and it is recommended to transport it by means of a trolley. Subject should be fed 200 kg of raw meat weekly, as well as 30 liters of water each day. Food is to be supplied by electronic conveyer system built into the floor of SCP-1108's containment cell. Under no circumstance should personnel move within arms reach of subject.

SCP-1108 is a 8.6 meter tall humanoid male creature, of apparent ██████ descent, with a single large eye in the middle of its head. The subject seems to be of an highly advanced age. Hair is dull grey and floor length; attempts to fully trim it have been met with minor resistance. Its skin is extremely wrinkled and rough. The eye itself is a light grey, and is relatively milky. SCP-1108 has poor eyesight, at most it is able to pick out moving shapes. Its eyesight does not deteriorate in poorly lit conditions; testing has shown it can detect movement even in pitch darkness. Samples taken from SCP-1108's hair indicate that it is over ████ years old.
SCP-1108 is sentient and capable of speech in a heavily accented ancient █████ dialect. It is rather distrustful, mostly speaking in short, clipped sentences. Attempts to ascertain subject's intelligence have been unfruitful. Tests have shown wildly varying results, however, this may be due to translation issues. Additionally, subject will attempt to convince, cajole, torture, intimidate, maim and otherwise forcible persuade anyone it is capable of into removing the pin from SCP-1108-1, as to release it.
SCP-1108 have shown extensive knowledge of ancient ██████ mythology, and has been able to provide information on [DATA EXPUNGED] as well as the location and nature of ███████ (Retrieval operation in process.)
SCP-1108 is indeterminately strong. It is much stronger and faster than either its significant size or apparent age and frailty would imply; it is capable of tearing through a reinforced titanium cage. Personnel are advised to remain beyond arms reach of subject at all times, unless wearing full body armor and properly equipped.
SCP-1108 was discovered in a cave by a team of mountaineers conducting an expedition in the vicinity of ███████. The subject was chained to 1108-1 when found. The Foundation was soon alerted using standard channels and a retrieval team was sent to secure SCP-1108. During the retrieval the pin was removed; resulting in ██ casualties and the near escape of SCP-1088. SCP-1108-2 was discovered while pursuing SCP-1108.

Addendum 1108-1:
1108-1 consists of a chain of unknown metal, as well as a black stone slab, identified to be of normal obsidian. The chain is five meters long, each link being a foot in length. The chain has not shown any signs of wear or tear since its acquisition by the Foundation. SCP-1108 refuses to touch the slab for any reason, even when subjected to intense electrical shocks. In addition, SCP-1108 refuses to pull the chain so as to tug at the stone slab, even though its apparent strength should be more than enough to carry the slab. Additionally, SCP-1108 refuses to discuss the origins of the slab, stating only “They have had their revenge". At this point, no anomalous properties has been ascertained in the slab. The chain appears indestructible, and thus we have been unable to conduct any tests on the material it consists of.

Addendum 1108-2:
Close to the cave SCP-1108 was initially encountered, the remnants of a village was located buried underground, likely due to natural erosion. The remnants consiste of approximately twenty clay dwellings, the dimensions of which could have contained other speciments of SCP-1108. Several primitive tools and implements where found of similar sizes, as well as the skeletal remains of fourteen individuals, each skeleton between four to nine meters high. Excavations are currently ongoing.

Addendum 3: SCP is not to be fed human meat.
“No, we do not care 'what he could tell us'.”
“ No, not even if we terminate it first. What the hell is wrong with you? There are standard procedures for D-personnel termination. Dr ████ is to report for immediate psych-evaluation, and to be barred from accessing SCP-1108 effective immediate.”

Alternative version to addendum 3… trying to make him more violent? Don't really have the time to clean write it. Put it up mostly to keep notes in one place. The Empty Chalice is just a name.

Test #32
Test Runner: Dr Ever selected due to extensive knowledge of SCP-1108 language. Dr Ever was accompanied by three(3) guards.
Test Procedure: Standard interview.
Test Log

"Tell us what you know of The Empty Chalice!"

"Feed me."

"Tell us first."

"Sacrifice. Feed me. Better food than this."

"You must tell us!"

"Him." SCP-1108 indicates guard to right of Dr Ever.

"We will feed you if you tell us!"


Indicated guard backs away. Dr Ever turns to him.

"This isn't working. Soldier, give me your sidearm."

Indicated guard stops backing away, looks to Dr Ever and hesitates.

"Your sidearm."

Guard glances to his comrade, unholsters his weapon and hands it to Dr Ever.

Dr Ever shoots indicated guard once(1) in the knee and once(1) in the throat, grabs him by his collar and pushes him into arms reach of SCP-1108. SCP-1108 immediately captures guard. Two remaining guards move to constrain Dr Ever. SCP-1108 proceeds to bite into captured guards left arm, throws him down onto the floor and forcible attempts to make him open his shackle. Guard at this point looses consciousness. SCP-1108 mutters "Worthless" and proceeds to bite off Guard #1's head. Dr Ever is forcible escorted from cell while screaming at SCP-1108 to inform him of the empty Chalice. SCP-1108 responds with laughter and continues eating Guard #1

Conclusion: Guard remnants removed. SCP-1108 subjected to shock treatment. Dr Ever demoted. He will remain in project as a translator, but will no longer be responsible for tests. When not used for the project he is to be kept under arrest. He is authorized to contain his research under supervision. Guard duty for SCP-1108 have been rotated, due to low morale after incident, as well as possible risks to Dr Ever and SCP-1108.

Test #33
Test Runner: Dr Thorn, assisted by Dr Ever for translation.
Test Procedure: Dr Thorn will interview subject. Dr Thorn will carry earset and microphone. Dr Ever will translate from other room. Dr Thorn will be accompanied by four(4) guards.

"Give me… father"

"We give you human. You tell us all knowledge of Empty Chalice.."


"One human."

"[Untranslatable - SCP-1108 indicates Dr ]… father"

SCP-1108 slams fist into floor creating a dent and roars. Building noticable shakes.

"One human."
[Stream of Untranslatable phrases]

"This is useless. Start electro shock treatment."

Conclusion: Electro shock treatment ineffective. Request to terminate SCP-1108 rejected.

Addendum 4: Protocol 73:
In the event of a containment breach, an attempt should be made to keep SCP-1108 alive. Lethal force is only authorized if SCP-1108's breach risks secondary breaches on-site. In the event of a termination, target is to be stunned by either flash-bang grenades or any source of sudden and bright light, followed up by repeated close quarter shotgun rounds to face and legs, followed by the use of standard grade explosives.
In the event the subject needs to be taken alive, it is recommended to apply flash-bang grenades to stun the subject, followed by repeated damage to the legs, followed by intense electrical shocks using the cattle prods stored in locker #C7. If necessary, threats of blinding the subject may be used. SCP-1108-1 then needs to be located and affixed around the subjects ankle.

Addendum 5:
Dr ████ will take over after Dr ████. Dr ████ will remain attached to SCP-1108 as a translator, but will be disallowed any direct contact. Allowing SCP-1108 access to one(1) D-personnel a month has been authorized. D-personnel must be stripped down and remnants after termination removed with particular care of bone fragments.

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