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Item #: SCP-111

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-111 is to be kept in any standart conainment cell, no further procedure is needed.

SCP-111 is a King Size bed fabricated by ████████.

Those who utilize SCP-111 dream with a different happening that occurred in their past each time they sleep on it. When awake, subjects remember the dream they had and are able to describe it with details.

SCP-111’s “effects” respond to one’s desire to remember an specific event of his/her past making the individual dream with it. If the subject doesn’t have a predefined wish before sleep, a random memory will be the dream’s theme. Subjects can't use SCP-111 to dream with happenings from before their 4 years of life.

Testing with SCP-111 regarding neurologic functions is ongoing.

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