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A similar model

Item #: SCP-1119

Object Class: Safe

**Special Containment Procedures:This object should be kept in DR.█████'s lab for its containment. The object may be removed for testing with written approval of DR.█████.

Description: Object appears to be a normal Tandy of model and make as the one shown. Its only mechanical difference is that on resister ███ serial number:████ that is positioned behind the screen in the lower █████ corner has been broken and bent upwards into a fashion that makes it have a visible arc while the object is in operation.

This presents a █████-code like flashes to the user that is not translatable into any known language. This broken transistor has no effect on the operation except to cause the objects effects.

The effects are best described in the old saying "The eyes are the windows to the soul". Because the user is given the permanent ability to read and understand any modern programming language even after they have stopped using the object.

An unfortunate side effect is that once the user is given this ability they must be given a way to use it on a regular basis otherwise they will become malign and will destroy any technology they can with their ability.

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