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Item #: SCP-1146

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1146 should be kept in a room with cloth cushioning and no furniture or any object what-so-ever. No face to face time with any living individual, no exceptions. SCP is to be communicated towards using intercom. There are 4 security cameras in each corner of the room. The room is related to that of an Asylum Patient room. Object usually sits in fetal position for 3 hours a day. Most likely to gain attention for somebody to come talk to it. No personnel are allowed in the room. AT ALL. Again, the only communication is through intercom and security cameras.

Description: SCP-1146 is represented as a Caucasian male. Claims (very violently when asked) that he is 14. The object has the ability to vocally seduce you so that you can do what it wants. It will also have some "fun" with any person whom interacts with the object. Object does age normally, but appears to have few emotions. The object seems to like to "interact" with people between the age bracket of 18 and 25. SCP somehow knows any major problem that is going on in the victim's life withing 5 minutes of conversing with them. The Foundation has been trying to find a category for this ability. It's not more mind control, than manipulation.

Addendum: 1146 was found on [INFO REMOVED] because it supposedly "talked the school bully into jumping off of the building" from former student [INFO REMOVED]. 1146 was 8 years old when found. When asked what it wanted to be when it grew up, the object answered "Psychologist. Preferably Subconscious."
The following interview was the first day the SCP was brought in. On [INFO REMOVED], with Dr.[INFO REMOVED]:

Doctor: State your name.

1146: Why?

Doctor: Just do as I ask, please. It's just how we do things. Please, state your name.

1146: No.

Doctor: [Pause with dazed look on face] Okay.

Doctor(continues): Why did you talk one of your school mates int-

1146: (interrupting) How did he do it?

Doctor: Pardon?
1146: How did your brother kill himself?
Doctor: II
1146: (smiles) Was it messy?
Doctor (Sobs and runs out of room)
1146 (Waits patiently until escorted out of room)
-Later that night, Doctor [INFO REMOVED] was found dead in his room, having bashing his head against his bedroom wall, just like his brother.—

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