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A █████ model Taser, identical in appearance to SCP-1305.

Item #: SCP-1305

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1305 is to be kept inside a secure storage locker at Site-19. All personel level 2 and above are allowed access to SCP-1305 for testing purposes only, and in the event of attack by an outside faction or containment breach by a hostile humanoid SCP, SCP-1305 may be requisitioned for defense by level 3 personnel and above.

Description: SCP-1305 has an almost identical appearance to a standard issue █████ model Taser when not in use. According to markings on the hilt it was manufactured in the year 20██ by Peace Worldwide Incorporated. Research has shown that no such company exists, and bears no connection to existing similarly named organizations.

When the trigger on SCP-1305 is pulled in range and in the general direction of a living human with hostile intent, the front of the barrel will glow a bright yellow. Apprxoimately three seconds later, the affected individual (henceforth referred to as SCP-1305-1) will be unable to cause damage to any living being for approximately five minutes. SCP-1305-1's body will on all occasions become rigid and immovable except by moving to a non-hostile position, after which they may move and be moved again. Testing has shown that this effect also extends to micro-organisms to a limited degree. Due to the inability of SCP-1305-1 to avoid harming bacteria and similar creatures both internally and externally, SCP-1305-1 will prefer to move as little as possible and shows a near constant level of distress. Post testing interviews have former subjects recounting the experience as both extremely painful and horrifying, and have on ██% of occasions equated the urge and inability to not harm a living being as having a loud voice in their head 'punishing' them for doing so.

In approximately █% of SCP-1305 activation, SCP-1305-1 will be able to perform hostile actions, though no injury or other negative effect will be shown on the object being attacked. This effect also appears to extend to weapons or automated programs initiated by SCP-1305-1. In this situation after the effect dissipates, SCP-1305-1 has in all cases immediately expired via hemorrhaging to the frontal lobe of the neocortex. Objects harmed by SCP-1305-1 (henceforth designated SCP-1305-2) previously in this case will develop markings similar to those left by a █████ model Taser regardless of SCP-1305-2's hardness or material composition. These marks are permanent, and the sight of SCP-1305-2 appears to send all former SCP-1305-1 subjects into a rage state directed at it, ended only by either being's termination (in the case of SCP-1305-2 being biological) or destruction.

After SCP-1305 fires in the way stated above, a high pitched whine will emanate from the barrel for exactly one hour. During this time SCP-1305 can not be used, and any attempt to do so will send a surge measured at 50 kV through the user's body. After one hour, SCP-1305 will become silent and can be used to normal effect once more.

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