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Item #: SCP-1152-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-1152-J is only to be read by those of African descent. Under no circumstances is someone of European descent to read SCP-1152-J, even especially if they believe they are of African descent.

Description: SCP-1152-J is, by all outward appearances, a standard children's book titled Go the F[DATA EXPUNGED]k to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach. Upon being read non-verbally by someone of African descent, SCP-1152-J will manifest approximately two (2) meters from the reader of the SCP-1152. SCP-1152-J-1 will then proceed to retrieve SCP-1152-J from the reader. No attempts to impede SCP-1152-J-1's movement have been successful. SCP-1152-J will then proceed to read SCP-1152-J aloud to any persons nearby. This event seems to have the memetic property of

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