SCP-1196 Proposal
SCP-1196, on the tree in its containment area.

Item #: SCP-1196

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1196 is to be contained in an area 6m x 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft x 20ft) or more, preferably painted to resemble an outdoor area. The containment area must contain a tree originating from North America. SCP-1196, although safe, must remain in a containment area at all times. No less than two (2) personnel are to enter its containment area at one time. Personnel must remain in physical contact with one another at all times. 25g of white spruce seeds must be available to SCP-1196 every morning from February until August. There is to be another American Red Squirrel of the same sex to be in SCP-1196’s containment area at all times. It must be replaced when needed.

Description: SCP-1196 is an American Red Squirrel. It shows heightened cognitive abilities, being able to solve simple word problems. When approached or when eye contact is made between it and another organism, the latter falls under a hypnotic trance in which they become fixated on the object. Subjects’ have reported being unable to see or hear anything other than SCP-1196 while under this trance. It has been shown to affect multiple organisms at one time. After exiting this trance, subjects become agitated and will attempt to attack any living thing in their line of sight, excluding SCP-1196. In this agitated state, those affected do not display any extraordinary strength or speed. Testing has shown that if subjects keep physical contact with one another, it appears to break the trance caused by both eye contact and proximity to the object. It is unknown whether SCP-1196 is mortal or immortal, though it is not known what its current age is.

SCP-1196 was discovered on ██/██/20██ by Agent ███████ in [DATA EXPUNGED] Park in Denver, Colorado. Its properties were discovered after multiple persons became agitated and attacked other visitors to [DATA EXPUNGED] Park. All subjects were apprehended, interviewed, and given Class A amnesiacs after they fulfilled their purpose. Those interviewed were all revealed to have a common experience that also coincided with test subjects’ accounts.

Addendum-1196-a: After careful study on the object’s behavior, I have noticed that SCP-1196 is showing very depressed mannerisms. The SCP has been given a companion of the same species and sex, who shall be replaced as needed. - Dr. █████

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