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Picture of SCP-1207 ███hrs after recovery.

Item #: SCP-1207

Object Class: Keter [Safe]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1207 is to be contained in a large 20x20x20m steel-rebar reinforced concrete room. SCP-1207 shows no desire to escape. As a result, SCP-1207 is allowed 1hr of outside time, allotted by Class-D personnel.

Description: SCP-1207 appears to be a small tea kettle, it appears to be of [DATA EXPUNGED] brand. Increased lucidity in dreams, as well as visions of the future are reported after interaction with SCP-1207. Reports from Mr. ███████ ██████ explained that some visions show interactions between SCP-1207 and [[SCP-173]]. SCP-1207 is able to hover, it seems from manipulation of some sort of magnetic field.

No further tests on SCP-1207 are necessary.

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