Item #: SCP-1213

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1213 is to be kept in a small thick wooden room with rubber lining. It is to be kept in a
stabalized Quantum Storage Device in site [DATA REDACTED]. No electronics are permitted to enter SCP-1213's Containment
Chamber. Only Level 5 personnel are able to enter the chamber. SCP-1213 must never leave the QSD is it kept in. Electro-Magnectic
Generators are to be kept running outside the Containment Chamber. At least 2 personnel are to maintain the generators to
prevent malfunction. Large backup batterys are also to be mantained.

Description: SCP-1213 appears to be a sentient electrical lifeform. It is unknown where it orginated or what power created it.
It enters conductive materials like normal electricity but has the power to control the material. It can also choose where it goes
unlike normal electricity. It is almost impossible to contain due to that fact it can jump from material to material.
When it jumps to a lifeform however, it can create an exact model of the lifeform out of pure energy. The recreated lifeform acts
exactly as the orginal lifeform but is controlled by SCP-1213. The SCP-1213-1 is terminated just in the same way the original
lifeform would be.

Addendum: Incident Report 15074-3

On X\XX\XX SCP-1213 appeared on a in a small town in XXXXXX. SCP-1213 turned many civilians into SCP-1213-1. It
attacked local law enforcement targeting electrical equipment. A scientist in the SCP Foundation deployed a QSD to
contain SCP-1213. After SCP-1213 was trapped in a small cellular device it was quickly Contained within the QSD and
brought to site [DATA REDACTED] for Containment.

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