Item #: SCP-1239

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1239 is to be secured in a reinforced security box under armed guard. Removal for any reason is prohibited by any personnel of any clearance level unless prior O5-level authorization is granted. Any breach of containment is to reported to O5 personnel immediately.

Description: Object is a single-sided, metallic folding knife measuring 15cm opened, 7.5cm closed, with a highly ornamented ivory handle. The blade is made unknown synthetic metal, with a strange multi-color hue. The hardness of the blade is comparable to diamond, while its tensile strength and toughness are both higher than any known metal. The handle appears to be nothing but normal African elephant ivory. Its style matches knives produced in the ██████████ era. It was recovered following [Data Expunged] in the ██th Century.

When a person takes possession of the knife, whether wielding or carrying it, said individual receives a significant increase in intelligence (demonstrable through various intelligence tests). Such gain have been shown to vary between individuals, and appear unrelated to education background. MRI of subjects taken before and after ownership have revealed increased brain activity after acquisition of SCP- 1239. This effects varies for different subjects, but usually not exceeding a 53% variance.

However, possession of 1239 does come with some side effects. Person in possession of 1239 will progressively become more and more attached to the object, and be unwilling to part with it. Removal of SCP-1239 will have to be by force. Despite increased intelligence, subject cannot be convinced to relinquish the object, and will ignore any thought of self-preservation. Anyone under the effect of the object will also begin to adopt an outlook on the opposite sex equivalent to the psychopathic, deliberately causing death or bodily injury - if the former is cannot be achieved - either by direct or indirect means. Such intentions will not be made known and will be undertaken covertly, likely owing to increased intelligence. This psychopathic behavior manifests differently from person to person. The only other observable effect, currently a point of contention, is a shift in personality, likely due to aforementioned effects . This effect is hard to quantify and merely anecdotal. All documented effects affect both sexes.

Should the subject be deprived of the knife, all effects of 1239 gradually decrease in intensity, having thus far taken no more than 2 minutes. In some cases, subjects have shown lingering desire to repossess the object.

Addendum: Through an experiment recently conducted, it has been shown that the ivory handle of SCP- 1239 has no observable effect, and only the synthetic metal part of the knife is an abnormal item.

Addendum: Proposed metallic portion to be melted and reconstructed into something else. Denied.

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