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Item #: SCP-123ABC-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-123ABC-J is to be kept inside a 5m by 5m airtight containment cell with three layer iron walls. No children are to enter SCP-123ABC-J's containment cell. The required number of personnel to enter SCP-123ABC-J's containment cell is one, or three (or more). No number of two personnel are to enter the cell. Personnel are to be at least level five (5) to enter the subject's containment. Personnel are not to show any emotion while in the presence of SCP-123ABC-J

Description: SCP-123ABC-J appears to be a two foot tall middle aged adult male who is attached to a trashcan and has large amounts of green fur on the subject. Any attempts to remove the subject from the trash can or obtain a sample of the subject's fur have failed. Subject shows to have a bad temper or "peevish." No nose is visible on SCP-123ABC-J's face. Subjects who have been aware of SCP-123ABC-J's presence have reported his fur was the color orange in the years 1969 & 1970. No proof of this has been recovered.

SCP-123ABC-J was found at [DATA EXPUNGED], on the street of ███, Sesame Street. He was captured during his attempt to throw a rotten apple from his trashcan at an unsuspecting citizen walking by. His attempt failed because he was captured by Agent █████ before he had a chance to throw.

Subject appears to be very selfish, and wishes for everyone to feel his pain. Subject seems to dislike anything that the average human finds joyful. Such as holidays, relationships, family, and playing. Some of the Foundation's staff say the subject is a "Grouch" and is only one because of his appearance and probably his failure to remove himself from the trashcan.

Children must stay away from SCP-123ABC-J because he could cause serious psychological damage to them and possibly physical damage to the area relating to the situation. Tests show that when near prepubescents, the subject offers them sugary sweets during the time period the child's parents would usually not allow them to consume. Or when a child/children is/are using a plaything in a joyful and fun way, he would attempt and usually succeed to steal the plaything causing the children great sorrow.

One of the very few activities that SCP-123ABC-J actually enjoys is singing songs about things he hates. His songs prove that Christmas is his least favorite holiday.

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