Acid Box - SCP 1252

Item#: 1252
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP 1252 must be contained in a 12mx24mx12m glass cage, made of corrosion resistant to corrosion. 4 guards must be posted at the entrance, equipped with flame throwers. Should anyone approach without clearance, guards are cleared to use deadly force to stop the opening of the door. Should the door be opened without testing clearance, then site [DATA EXPUNGED] must be flooded with napalm, to stop SCP-1252 spreading. Any and all testing must be done with protective suits, posted near the entrance.

Random appearances of SCP-1252 are to be taken care of by MTF 25 (Boxes o’ surprises), and all witness civilians are to administered class A amnesiacs. The box containing 1252 is to be replaced on a regular [DATA EXPUNGED] schedule. All movements of SCP 1252 are to be kept secret.

Description: SCP 1252 is a 1x1x1 steel cube that when released into any form of gas starts spreading. It consumes gas at a rate of 1 cube per 2 seconds. When touched, 1252 will start excreting extremely corrosive acid (1252-1), however after 30 seconds it ceases. It is extremely vulnerable to flame, and will melt from 2 seconds of exposure to a low power flame.

SCP-1252 appears to occur randomly around the world, though most incidents have been contained (l-3 researcher and above see document 1252-1-C), and the observers were administered class A amnesiacs in all conditions. The cube seems not to spawn in places above 35 degrees Celsius, or in places prone to fires (cities included). 1252-1 appears to be regular high-corrosion acid, although as of this date ██/██/████ , there is no known part that it is created from.

Addendum 1252-1: SCP 1252 grows no matter what gas you give it, however some gases will make it produce different acids at touch (See document Experiment Log-1252-A)

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