SCP-1252 Grain Elevator
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Item #: SCP-1252

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1252 is located in a disused flour mill in [REDACTED]. The entrance to SCP-1252 is a steel, reinforced sliding door, secured by a standard padlock. The entrance is to have a stationed guard at all times.

No personnel are permitted access to SCP-1252 unless they have clearance from level 4 staff. If individuals have entered SCP-1252, personnel are to not to enter after them under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-1252 is a disused grain elevator, originally constructed as part of a flour mill owned by ██████. SCP-1252's external appearance is unremarkable, and typical of such buildings. The interior has been completely stripped and the floors, walls and stairs have been removed. ███████ denies ever commissioning or authorising any such deconstruction. As SCP-1252 lacks windows and interior lighting, much of the interior is in complete darkness.

Individuals exhibit anomalous behaviour after entering SCP-1252. Within the first minute of entering the elevator, all subjects become distressed, apparently caused by a sudden onset of acute acrophobia. The distress increases over time, and after approximately four (4) minutes, subjects panic and become unresponsive to outside communication. During this time, individuals will exhibit tensile deformation, "stretching" upwards into the vertical space of SCP-1252. The mechanism for this process is unknown, though it allows the human body to elongate far beyond the typical point of shearing for human organs. After approximately twelve (12) minutes, subjects grow as tall as the vertical space allows. The subject's spine eventually buckles and snaps, having grown too tall for the enclosed space. In those cases were death is not immediate, subjects inevitably die of asphyxiation after several minutes. Studies suggest that though subjects are aware of their circumstances throughout, they are incapable of leaving the elevator once the process has begun.

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