Item #: SCP-1281

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1281 consists of 3 parts, SCP-1281-1, SCP-1281-2(SCP-1281-1’s Forge), and SCP-1281-3 (Creations of SCP-1281-1)

The subject, SCP-1281-1 is to not be provoked under any circumstances, through taunting, Mentioning of “God,” or claiming that his creations are just “Toys.” following Incident-1281-3. When leaving SCP-1281-2, he is to be watched at all times by at least two (2) guards, with 3 on standby, each guard taking shifts. They are to alert the personnel as to what he is currently building. One scholar fluent in ancient greek and latin is to be on-site at all times.

Entrances to SCP-1281-2 are to be guarded at all times by Four (4) Level 2 personnel. All trespassers are to be warned to leave, and if they refuse, they are to be shot. A chainlink fence is to surround the area at all times.

SCP-1281-3s are to be contained on Armed Research Site-45, and are to be thoroughly tested, especially if they are referred to by SCP-1281-1 as “Gifts” Following Incident-1281-9.

Description: SCP-1281 consists of 2 main objects, and the creations of the two.
SCP-1281-1, Prefered to refer to as “Ifaistos,” however, is willing to be referred to as “Hephaestus,” Volcanos, Vulcan, and Hephaistos However, is willing to be usually stands 6’2, Lame(but able to walk), caucasian male of twenty(20) to thirty(30) years of age. Those who view him comment that he is almost “God-Like” In appearance, despite his deformity, and claims to be “Older than mankind.”

SCP-1281-1 claims to be of greek origin, claiming to be born on Mt. ███████, and claims that his deformity is from being thrown from his birthplace, and breaking his legs, however, remarks that his memory has degraded over millennia, and has also claimed that he was thrown from Mt. ███████ because of disagreements with his father, who he referred to (English translation) Zeus.

SCP-1281-1 appears to be knowledgeable in Blacksmithing, Art, Engineering, and Computation (Claiming that it was similar the the smith, in what you can create with). It show’s a fondness for the city of ██████, █████, which the subject claimed he was the “Patron God” of “A few thousand years ago.”

He is not violent, unless provoked, and proves to be calm and level headed. He cooperates with Foundation personnel for the majority of the time, however show’s mild dislike when personnel spends extended periods of time observing SCP-1281.

SCP-1281-2 is where SPC-1281-1 spends the majority of his time creating instances of SCP-1281-3, however, it is believed that there are multiple instances of SPC-1281-2, an estimated 4, located at [Data Expunged]. It is usually under guard by multiple instances of SCP-1281-3, usually in the form of Bronze Maidens and Metal Dogs. It’s function is similar to that of a regular forge, containing the average contents of a forge from 1000-2000 BCE. On several pedestals are items of sentiment to SCP-1281-1. All requests to move SCP-1281-2 from current location was met with failure.

SCP-1281-3 are objects made by SCP-1281-1, and consist of:
SCP-1281-3-1: 30 robotic females, who assist SCP-1281
SCP-1281-3-2: Eight (8) robotic Watchdogs- Appear to behave like enhanced trained watchdogs.
SCP-1281-3-3: One (1) animatronic eagle- SCP-1281-1 claims that it is a replica of the one he made to eat Prometheus's liver on Zeus’s request.
SCP-1281-3-4: One (1) Human Female: Is human in all respects, and currently being trained in medicine at Sector-07. Hephaestus made her to send to O5-██ as a “Worthy Wife.” It is unknown how SCP-1281-1 or SCP-1281-4 obtained knowledge of O5-██’s location.
SCP-1281-3-5: 200 individual pieces of jewelry, estimated value to be upwards to ██████████ worth in USD.
SCP-1281-3-6: One (1) net, made out of what is in appearance gold chain. Can withstand ████████████████ newtons of force, SCP-1281-1 has stated that he used this to trap his cheating wife and her fling, Ares.
SCP-1281-3-7: 12 ornate bronze thunderbolts- When thrown, form into arcs of electrical energy, consistent with lightning. Claimed he made them for Zeus.
SCP-1281-3-8: Four (4) ornate armor, greek in origin. Shown to be able of resisting nuclear blasts. SCP-1281 claims that two of them belong to Hercules and Achilles.
SCP-1281-3-9: Three (3) Ornate blades. Shown to be able to cut through steel. Made upon request.
SCP-1281-3-10: One (1) Golden throne, when sat in, captures whatever sits in it. Subject claims that it was used to capture his mother to avenge being thrown from olympus.
SCP-1281-3-11: One (1) 6x6x6 container, acid resilient, Can only be opened from the outside. Made upon request for a method of containing SCP-682. 682 breached containment during relocation, killing ██ personnel. Functions.
SCP-1281-3-12: One (1) knife, 2 inches in length. Made upon request for something to kill SCP-682. Initiated nuclear fission during transport to site [Expunged], killing █ personnel, and destroying the nearby town of █████████. SCP-1821 comments that
SCP-1281-3-14: One (1) Stone key. Used to unlock watch, and deactivate.
SCP-1281-3-13: One (1) Golden watch, shown to be magnetic after the initial attachment. Attaching the wearer to the closest magnetic substance within 30 meters. All attempts to remove watch from bearer have met with failure: Only known method of removal is to use the stone key.

Incident-1281-03 The Late Agent ██████████, a known devout christian , claimed that SCP-1281-1 was a “False God” And claiming “What have you done for humanity?”
SCP-1281 seems visibly angry, and requested her to be quiet. She continues to talk about “Jesus our savior,” and how he’s “Not worthy of basking in His light.” SCP-1281-1 proceed to [Data Expunge], resulting fire killed all personnel on site, along with 20 people in the surrounding area, then SCP-1281-1 [Data Expunged], Damage resulting from eruption estimated to be 1.1 billion, Devastation across [Data Expunged], US government dispensed 914 million in aid.

Note: Alright, who’s bright idea was it to have a devout christian watch a greek god?! If anyone thought this through, this would have NEVER HAPPENED!

Incident-1281-9 Following incident-1281-3, and the rejection of SCP-1281-3-4 by O5-██, SCP-1281-13 arrived viva ███, and sent to O5-██’s secretary. She opened it out of curiosity, and donned SCP-1281-13, which, upon being attached, immediately attached to the metal desk she was sitting at. Upon inquiring SCP-1821-1 about it, he claimed that it was meant as punishment to O5-██ for rejecting the prize he sent him. After much argument, he gave researcher ██████████ SCP-1281-3-14 to release ████████. After release from SCP-1821-3-14, ████████ was administered class A amnesiacs, and was released from her position.

Addendum: Currently researching connections between SCP-343.

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