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SCP-1295 in containment

Item #: SCP-1295

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1295-1 and SCP-1295-2 are to be stored in identical containment vessels with identical orientations. Containment vessels are to measure 0.25m x 0.25m x 0.25m. The vessels are to be oriented such that all surfaces are parallel. Containment vessel thickness is to be no less than 0.125m. Acceptable deviations from these values are ±0.0005mm for size and thickness and less than 0.1 arc seconds for orientation.

Locations of vessels are to be offset by precisely 157km in a direction exactly perpendicular to a plane bisecting the Earth along longitude 57°17'8.587" west.

Containment access is to be synchronized between vessels by radio signal with calculations to take into account transmission time. Positions and orientations of containment vessels are to be monitored and corrected as necessary.

Vessels are to inspected and replaced at the slightest sign of wear. All replacements are to be performed simultaneously by robotic limbs.

Description: SCP-1295-1 and SCP-1295-2 are two identical metallic spheres with a radius of 1.5cm and a mass of 111 grams. They display all properties synonymous with iron. The object does not appear to be affected by gravity which is fortunate considering the consequences should it be dropped.

The locations of SCP-1295-1 and SCP-1295-2 appear to be fixed relative to one another. Any movement of either object is immediately reflected by the other. Any resistance to movement is met by an apparently infinite amount of force. All attempts to alter the relative location of either object have resulted in failure. As well as being fixed in position relative to each other the objects also appear to be fixed relative to the earths rotation.

Addendum 1295-01: Doctors ████████ and █████ have theorized that SCP-1295 may be used to facilitated faster than light communication. Due to the limited distance involved their request for further testing has been denied.

Addendum 1295-02: An attempt to alter the relative position using SCP-120 has been proposed and is under consideration.

Addendum 1295-03:The testing proposed in 1295-1 has been reopened for consideration pending the results of 1295-2.

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