Item #: SCP-1305

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1305 is to be kept in a small, *x* iron box, with bulletproof windows for studying measures. The iron box must not be opened at any time unless two LEVEL 4 security officers is present.

Description: SCP-1305 is a species of beetles that can attach itself to animals and humans in order to control them. Upon reaching the creatures head/neck, SCP-1305 proceeds to "bite" the victim, and does not let go unless the host dies, or gets removed by force. When SCP-1305 has attached itself to the creature, the fangs unleashe thousands of small strings, which then attaches itself to the hosts brain. SCP-1305 will then within 2-8 seconds take full control over the hosts body, and brain. Upon doing so, SCP-1305 learns everything the host knows, including how to communicate with other creatures, eat, walk, swim etc.

SCP-1305 was first discovered in Egypt, in the pyramid of [REDACTED], by Officer #####, this is his field report of the event:

"When explorers located the burial chamber of the pharaoh, text on the door warned of horrible creatures that would punish intruders. The explorers ignored the warning and ventured inside. Once inside, Dr. ##### screamed out loud, as if someone had stabbed him, then fell to the ground, shaking. Most of the Egyptian workers ran out, in fear of the "curse" that was supposedly laid on the tomb. The ones that stayed inside watched as Dr. ##### slowly stood up and looked around. The workers described him as "confused" and went towards him to help. Upon reaching him, Dr. ##### grabbed one of the mens sword, and started attacking the them. In panic, they ran for the exit and once outside, Dr. ##### was shot by the local guards. Upon his death, a dark beetle crawled away from his corpse, back into the pyramid. The foundation was notified of the event, and succeded in capturing all of the beetles inside the burial chamber, and transferring them to [REDACTED], in which they were placed in area B4-31 for studying."

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