Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1311 is to be kept in a standard 5m x 5m x 5m concrete cell with embedded large animal restraints and a closed ventilation system. Personnel above class D are only to enter the cell with the express permission of Dr. ████ or Dr. ██████, and should be equipped with a respirator with an NBC rated filter and checked thoroughly for any open wounds after interacting with the subject. If they are found to have been exposed to SCP-1311’s saliva, even potentially, they should be immediately hospitalized for testing.

It is recommended that SCP-1311 be restrained before any tests are attempted. This is done by introducing 4% isoflurane gas into the cell’s air supply before entering and securing the subject. Due to its metabolism, the tranquilizing effects only last about ██ seconds.

Description: SCP-1311 is an emaciated, somewhat humanoid creature approximately 1 meter in height. Its frontal limbs, while used as legs, appear to be vestigial membranous wings. It is hairless and has a lack of pigmentation that suggests a cave-dwelling nature. The SCP’s head resembles that of a human infant, though it possesses uneven rows of teeth.

The subject has a simple vocabulary but will not converse. It often pleads and cries for food, and Dr. ██████ has theorized that its high-pitched voice is mimicking that of a human child. SCP-1311 secretes a pheromone that increases the production of several human hormones, particularly oxytocin, which increases the likelihood of humans in the area sympathizing with, trusting, or attempting to help the subject. It is carnivorous and feeds exclusively on humans.

The saliva of SCP-1311 contains a latent virus, which damages the infected party’s ability to absorb proteins and iron from food. The carrier will slowly move to a carnivorous diet to support itself, until, by an as-yet unknown mechanism, it becomes convinced that only human meat can satisfy its hunger. As the SCP shows no interest in animals, all test subjects have been human, and most have managed to self-terminate in spite of strict precautions.

Incident Report

Incident 1311-1

Personnel involved: Agent ███, D-29413

Date: ██/██/20██

Location: Site ██

Description: D-29413 was selected for his severe sociopathic tendencies. The intent was to test the effect of SCP-1311's pheromone on a human who had a natural lack of oxytocin. Agent ███ entered the cell, in a respirator, once the SCP had been tranquilized, and restrained it as usual. D-29413 was then introduced to the cell with no respirator. SCP-1311 began to recover and began pleading for help and complaining of hunger. D-29413 made no move forward. █m, ██s into the experiment, without warning, the SCP attacked, shattering the bones in both of its ankles to escape the restraints. D-29413 was eliminated in ██ seconds. Agent ███, outside of the cell, responded by tranquilizing SCP-1311 again and removing the remains.

Addendum 1311-1: Heavier restraints have been installed.

Addendum 1311-2: As of ██/██/20██, subject appears to have regained full mobility.

Addendum 1311-3: The SCP's pheromone has been successfully sampled and recreated in a laboratory. Research into psychiatric applications is ongoing.

Experiment Log 1311

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