Item#: SCP-1337-J
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment procedures:
SCP-1337-J must be hosted on MediaFire at all times.

SCP-1337-J is a mod for a shitty indie horror game that causes severe auditory and visual hallucinations for those subjected to playing it, some staff have reported hearing "████ YOU GRANDMA" and "[DATA EXPUNGED] YO PRUNE JUICE" SCP-1337-J's ability to infect patients with widespread symptoms of stupidity has lead to the object being classified as Keter, SCP-1337-J must not come into contact with any sane human being unless they are [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] as ordered by doctor ███████ who spends all his time making [REDACTED] pieces of [DATA EXPUNGED] mods with decade old memes for SCP games.

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