Item #: SCP-1359
Object Class: Euclid (pending class change to Keter)
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1359 is to be contained in a 3.2 x 5 x 2.4 reinforced iron non-cubical room without any source of lights, Any source of lights will cause the SCP to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-1359 is an caucasian male with a tint of multiple skins. He is approximately 2.73 in height. SCP-1359's face is distorted and if seen by anyone, which we will refer to as SCP-1359-1. SCP-1359-1 will start experiencing nausea , constant vomiting and eye bleeding. The vomiting gets worse in 3 hours. SCP-1359-1 will start vomiting up it's intestines and finally, it's liver. SCP-1359-1 can be alive for 1 hour but then it leads to death.

The SCP's color is different to other people but rarely it is the same green. Most Subjects find the SCP red or purple skinned.

The SCP sometimes whispers "the truu—-"

SCP-1359 has also been seen moving by some people, Not sure if it's caused by the nausea or if the subject is hallucinating.
Test Subjects have been saying "the truth is near" before they started vomiting blood. There might be a connection with this and what the SCP says. Refer to document #1359-A for more.

The SCP has been seen in Site ██. All tries to terminate it are impossible, 5 guards died from seeing it's face. It appears that psychical assaults do not work on the SCP. However, the SCP was successfully put back in its chamber. The containment chamber is only to be accessed by Level 3 and higher clearence classes. Any lower class needs permission from Dr. █████ or O5-███

Addendum: Anyone with level 3 or higher clearence, please refer to document #1359-A

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