Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Site and Personnel Requirements: Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are required to be rotated out and have subsequent psychological review after every month with a follow up review in 7 weeks. Personnel that have children or former parents are under no circumstances allowed to be assigned to SCP-XXXX and any personnel caught lying about their parental status will face disciplinary action and removal from site.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept secured in Site-██ and is not to have no more than 2 personnel guarding it at any time. Access to SCP-XXXX is not allowed unless with the approval of the site administrator; breaking this protocol will be considered punishment in of itself.

Description: SCP-XXXX is, upon first appearance, a well-kept and clean standard all horse carousel that is 6 meters tall at the center and 10 meters in diameter that has lights and music running between 0600 hours and end at 2200 hours every day despite the fact that no known power source has yet been found. The object remains idle during operational hours until someone mounts one of the horses which then causes the object to start to start rotating at about 1 meter per second. The object appears to be maintained on a regular basis despite no people doing so and any damage done to SCP-XXXX seemingly regenerates over time. The object was recovered in ███████████, Iceland in 19██ after Agent ██████ heard local reports of a large amount of children and adults dying under similar circumstances was sent to investigate.

SCP-XXXX first displays its anomalous properties upon coming within a ██ meter distance of the object, where some testing subjects and personnel report hearing what can be described as extremely quiet and soft laughter, always with a child's voice; the laughter will reportedly only change to a child that subjects and personnel are parents to(tests have found that whether the child is adoptive or biological does not matter). These sounds are reportedly hard to distinguish from the sounds usually coming from the carousel during its operational period and are only audible to anyone within the effective range.

The next anomalous property shows when a subject steps onto SCP-XXXX and mounts one of the horses and the ride begins to spin at a typical rate for most carousels. The subject reports being unable to remove themselves from the ride unless physically pulled off by an outside force, until the ██ minute spin cycle for the ride is finished. While on the object anyone riding report having overwhelming feelings of nostalgia(experiments show these feelings are especially strong in those of Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, or Germanic ancestry), but when inquired as to the event the feelings are associated with, subjects report that the event these feelings are associated with is unfamiliar or unrecognizable.

However, █ day(s) after riding the object, subjects report that the object will slowly begin "withering" with the acrylic paint chipping off, revealing a rotten wooden frame underneath, supposedly carved with █████ runes and the horses on the ride reveal to be the skins of horses laid onto wooden frames with their heads impaled on the end of these poles. Even after removal from SCP-1383, whether by force or voluntarily after the ride stops, all subjects report that the appearance of the object does not revert back to its original state no matter the amount of time allotted.

Upon riding SCP-XXXX for any given amount of time, subjects report having dreams where they are in a forest of unknown location being chased by a group of octoped horses. Subjects claim this creatures, now deemed SCP-XXXX-1 through 7.

Approximately █ days later, the subject is then [REDACTED] while they are awake; the next morning their [REDACTED] are found impaled on the nearest tree even if there is a physical barrier between the subject and the tree. It is interesting to note that though mortality rates from this process are 100% thus far, the subjects have sometimes survived this process for up to ██ days. No attempts to stop SCP-XXXX-1 through 7 from completing this process have succeeded thus far.

SCP-XXXX-1-7: After waking test subjects from the dream a collective description has been gathered of these creatures. Note: 100% of all subjects describe the creatures almost exactly the same and none of the subjects forget the appearance of them or even the dream itself as is expected of normal human dream cognition.

Description: The creatures all appear to be identical with equine like bodies, heads, and limbs with the most obvious differences being that they have twice as many fore legs and hind legs. Test subjects that have gotten closer have also observed that these creatures have sharp, pointed teeth that are usually attributed to carnivores rather than flat molars that all modern equines have. The last difference being that all of the creatures eyes appear to bulge and are completely clouded white.

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