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Picture of SCP-1384

Item #: SCP-1384

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1384 is to be kept in a locked, lead safe at Site ██. Due to the sensitive nature of SCP-1384, clearance for testing must be acquired with a formal request and approval of no less than three (3) Level 5 personnel on site. Any testing on SCP-1384 must be recorded, and follow SCP Foundation radiation procedure.

Description: SCP-1384 consists of three American Britannica Encyclopedias from the years 1970 (SCP-1384-A), 1973 (SCP-1384-B), and 1976 (SCP-1384-C).

SCP-1384-A is an unremarkable encyclopedia with information matching a standard encyclopedia of the date. The only remarkable instance is the copyright page with a copyright date of 2134.

SCP-1384-B has pages altered on most scientific related pages. Many pages seem to span from the end of the 22nd century to the beginning of the 23rd and includes information on, but not limited to, radiation decontamination, human evolution and stasis, and hibernation. Technologies of this day have not been developed to implement these procedures. All other pages match that of an encyclopedia of the date.

SCP-1384-C appears to have been written early in the 22nd century and the book recounts the political climate before and after ‘The War of Capitalist Oppression’ in late August 1991. See Addendum 1384-C. Nearly all the book has been altered, with sporadic pages matching that of a standard encyclopedia. Author unknown.

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