SCP-1400 (Trickboss)
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SCP-1400 in its cell

Item #: SCP-1400

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1400 is to be contained within a 5m by 5m empty padded cell at Site-38. Level 1 clearance staff is permitted provided that they do not communicate in any way with SCP-1400 and are equipped with a masked hazard suit of which the only purpose is hiding every bodily feature.

Description: SCP-1400 is a humanoid entity of an as of yet unknown origin, though it was found after materialising on a cornfield in ████,███████. 1 witness, a local, was driving by said field as the event took place. He attested that the specimen appeared after clumps of dark mist clustered together, forming a solid, black entity. Said local died several days after the incident by the cause of SCP-1400.

The appearance of the specimen varies depending on the onlooker, every person will perceive it to be an exact replica of their silhouette.
When in close contact with SCP-1400, the person in question will feel a slightly uncomfortable yet strong attraction to the specimen. If a person stays in the vicinity of SCP-1400 and communicates with it for an elongated time in any way, the specimen will copy all bodily features of said person, thus creating an exact replica.

The specimen will attempt to create an emotional bond with its victim, rendering the victim helpless as they are at that point in time no longer aware of the dangers of SCP-1400. Within the specimen will continue to strengthen this bond at an extremely fast rate, making the victim and specimen inseparable. After these 24 hours however both SCP-1400 and its victim will show no interest in each other completely ignoring each other. They will however both participate in the exact same activities, mimicking one another. It should be noted that this behaviour lasts █ more days, during which our specimen and victim slowly begin to show signs of extreme insanity which include gnawing off thumbs and banging their heads against the padded wall, in a useless effort to injure oneself.

When close to death because of infections and haemorrhages, both the subject and the victim will attempt to tear open their abdomen, destroying vital organs. The victim and specimen obviously decease, yet SCP-1400 will re-materialize after ███ hours in its last place of "death".

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