Item #: SCP-1447

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: access to SCP-1447 is restricted at each of its extremities thanks to an amovible iron fence that remains by default padlocked on its supports. The barrier is to be removed only for the Foundation's testing purposes. Object is to be labelled as a "closed road" on any map on which it appears, officially because of security concerns due to its poor conception, and all traffic is to be detoured by the newly built number ███ local route.

Description: SCP-1447 is a local-class road in the vicinity of ██████, ██████. It is attested to exist on its current track on any document of its area, regardless of their epoch. It consists of a two-way road lined with plane trees on either side. The anomalous section of this road forms a 14 km long straight line limited by the intersection with another road, with no other crossing between both of its ends.

When any motor vehicle engages on this road, temporal distorsion occurs. This often happens when the occupents are inattentive to the road, a phenomena not only caused by the monotony of this straight road but also by some hitherto unexplained inclination to distract the future casualties, which seems to be emitted by the road itself. In fact, even drivers whose acquaintances describe as very concentrated ones, appear to be surprisingly easily inattentive to anything but inside their vehicle: checking the presence of passengers or objects on the backseats, talking with a passenger, adjusting a rear mirror, looking for something in the glove compartment, etc.

On about half of the cases, the driver and the passengers of the vehicle are surprised by the sudden appearance of an ancient vehicle (in most cases but not all, a motored vehicle) just ahead of their own one, traveling at a much lower speed than theirs. This sudden appearance of the ancient vehicle inspires without fail the driver to make, by reflex, a desperate and fatal maneuver to avoid the obstacle. This maneuver may be of several kinds, including swerving, powerful braking eventually leading to skidding, miscalcuated overtaking, or violent embedding into the slow vehicle.

On the other half of occurences, the old vehicle appears just behind the victim's one, travelling at a much higher speed than the latter, as high as it itself travels. For exemple, even if the test vehicle travels at the maximal allowed speed of ██ km.h-¹, the "ghost" vehicle will travel at least at 110 km.h-¹ (even if this make of vehicle is not technically able to reach such a speed). The consequences are inevitable: the vehicle behind will in all cases embed into the victim one, propelling it into the plane trees.

Both kinds of occurences systematically concludes in the death of every occupant of the victim vehicle. This phenomena only happens when no witnesses are bound to be present, but visual and audio recordings perfectly transcribe it.

An amazing fact is that the intruder vehicle appears always to be exactly identical to a transport that has already been damaged approximatly at the same location in the past, with the related driver and passengers inside. As well, if a vehicle is currently subject to an appearance and therefore damaged, it is bound to reappear a number of years later as a "ghost" vehicle, along with its driver and passengers inside, once its make is generally recognized as an antiquity. In most of the cases, the ghost vehicle appear only once. Test reports show only one event involving a ghost vehicle which, according to our knowledge, had already appeared as such before.

For each incident, at least one acquaintance of one of the victims asked about this incident related that they made a very realistic dream some nights before the incident's day. In this dream, they forsaw in a
very precise and accurate way the incident that will occur some days later, with the only difference that were where themselves instead of their injuried acquaintance. All of these interviews also match in that the dreamers woke up in panic, believing that the event really just happened.

The anomalous behavior of the road seem to have appeared in 1924, after it had been fully covered with macadam. However, its existence within the Foundation is only known since the publication of an article by Prof. Gustav von Glasow in die Annalen der Physik, a German scientific journal, in its issue of May 1976. Before this date, incidents did occur but had almost no media coverage.

It is theorized that the road may have some kind of sentience and somehow can not bear to be covered with tarmac, associated with the heavy increase of automobile traffic. As a mean of expression, it would discourage riding on it by sending previous victims of its own threats to its new users.
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