KrisEike's SCP-1453

Item #: SCP-1453

Object class: Safe*

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1453 is to be kept in a XXXXX glass box with trees, an artificial river, different kinds of parrot toys and a TV.

Description: SCP-1453 is a talking parrot, first found during a expedition in the amazon jungle by the foundation. Known to talk just like a human without any problems. Refuses to talk about his past.

SCP-1453 requested a proper "pen" with a river, trees and some toys. - Approved
SCP-1453 requested to be allowed to freely roam in the hallways. - Denied
SCP-1453 requested a television and a remote controller. - Approved**

  • SCP-1453 might bite when angered.

** SCP-1453 no longer has access to the remote controller as he bit off all the buttons for it. No replacement will be given.

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