Item #: SCP-1501

Object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures:No Special Containment Procedures Required SCP-1501 is to be kept in a standard size room, so D-classes, scientists, and personal can come and go.

To prevent shock from SCP-1501; personal are asked to wear rubber gloves, going into the room.

Description: SCP-1501 is a standard size lamp on a metal about 5 feet tall, when SCP-1501 is stared at for a period 20-25 minutes, test
subject will feel a electric shock going into there body's. has similar properties as SCP-173 when eye contact
is broken SCP-1501 will move closer to subject, but shows no signs of being harmful/sentient
SCP-1501 was discovered in a ██████ Department store storage room in 20██. origins of SCP-1501 are in Addendum 1501-A


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