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Item #: SCP-1573
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1573 is to be locked at all times except during testing. Testing may only take place on D class personnel lacking any history of violent outbursts or homicidal tendencies. No civilians are allowed within the site containing SCP-1573. Lights inside the building should remain on between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM in order to maintain the façade of a running business. Despite the growth of mold, spread of insects, and its generally filthy environment, any cleaning of SCP-1573 is highly discouraged. No electronic devices should be brought into SCP-1573 unless they are being used for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-1573 is a basement of a building located in █████████, Texas. The room is 4.3 m by 3.7 m by 2.3 m. The walls are covered in seemingly random wallpaper and porcelain tiles; no pattern has been found in the layout of these materials. The floor of SCP-1573 is uneven and falling apart due to water damage and extreme age. None of the original lighting installed in SCP-1573 currently functions. SCP-1573 is sequestered from the rest of its building by a rusty steel door located on the eastern side of the structure.

Those who enter SCP-1573 lose consciousness after an average of 17 seconds have elapsed. Subjects will remain catatonic for 4 to 5 minutes before awakening with a suddenly increased heart rate and higher blood pressure. Some subjects immediately lapse into extreme panic attacks and bouts of enraged violence upon their awakening; Class D personnel with second degree murder convictions are most likely to have these outbursts.

After exposed subjects have returned to a calm state, they recall vivid nightmares about the deaths of individuals they are unfamiliar with. The vast majority of these deaths are murders or suicides. Nearly all of these deaths seem to correlate to events that have transpired in the real world.

The room has a curious secondary effect on electronic devices used during testing procedures. Foreign data related to the murders and suicides witnessed by test subjects automatically appears within any hard drive that has been exposed to SCP-1573. These data files may range from a text transliteration of a diary to a voice mail confession, but never take up more than 100 MB of space. Interviews conducted after multiple tests of SCP-1573 can be read below.

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