Item #: SCP-1605

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1605 is employed as a staff member with Clearance Level #: 1. Subject is to be treated like regular personnel, see [DATA EXPUNGED] for more information.
Additionally the Subject is allowed to leave the facility at will, but must remain under surveillance, and has to spend at last 11 months per 1 year in the faciality. Subject has also permissions to:
- Access to WWW, and RSS, IM, VoIP communicators,
- Access to non-keter SCP Objects,

NOTE: The Subject must agree to all the research on him, which do not violate human rights.

Description: SCP-1605 appears to be a young human male with no anomalies in his appearance or behavior. Subject is capable of communicating in 3 diffrent languages, and seems to be very interested in Foundations reasearch. Since the event: [REDACTED] Subject has been accepted as staff member.

Subject behaves like a regular human, until exposed to a computer. When this happens Subject loses contact with his environment and begins typing messages similar to computer logs at incredible speed. In this state the subject calls himself "System". If the Subject cannot see the output device, he leaves this state and regains contact with environment after 5 sec. If the Subject is facing an output device (a screen or projector), but without internet connection, then he leaves this state after typing:

System: Initiating new conversation…
System: ERROR! Couldn't connect to the Internet. Please contact Dr ██████ for further information.
System: End of transmition.

However if the Subject is allowed to access the internet, he will first run a random IM communicator (Skype at most cases) and attempt to talk with someone by using "his" way of communication. When talking with someone the Subject appears to be very friendly and talkative, but seriuos and official. In conversations via IM with other Staff members the Subject doesn't change its behavior, but when asked about the reason of those anomalies, the Subject excuses himself by reporting a "critical mind- breach". See saved conversations with staff members here:


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