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Item #: SCP-1625

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1625 are to be kept in separate airtight storage crates at site-█.


Scp-1625 is a group of 57 machines designed to treat Sleep Apnea manufactured by [REDACTED] in 19██.

When the machine's CPAP "Mask" is placed over a subject's head while awake, it functions normally and will successfully preform CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure). The device can treat moderate to severe sleep apnea so long as the subject remains in a calm and tranquil state during sleep. Sleep must also remain constant and uninterrupted for at least 6 hours.

The machine's anomalous properties occur when a subject suffering from a sleep disorder not affecting the respiratory system uses the device. Should this happen, the gas used by the machine will change from oxygen to a number of gasses in an apparent attempt to "cure" the subject. (See Addendum 4/9)

It is not known how the machine is able to produce these gasses.

Addendum:4/9 Dr. Faulk's Test Log:


Subject: D-439820

Subject Notes: Subject is known suffer from severe sleep apnea
and requires a machine to sleep soundly. Has no other disorder.

Test: Subject is instructed to wear the mask, and sleep.

Result: Device treats the subject successfully and the subject is awakened
after 8 hours with no ill effects.


Subject: D-390245

Subject Notes: Subject suffers from no known sleep disorders and is a calm sleeper.

Test: Subject is instructed to sleep with mask on. After three hours subject is awakened with a loud buzzer.

Result: As soon as the buzzer awakens the subject, the device produces [REDACTED], a powerful anesthetic, which enters the mask for several minutes and leaves the subject sedated for three hours.


Subject: D-563286

Subject Notes: Subject Suffers from Chronic insomnia.

Test: Subject is instructed to sleep with mask on. The subject places mask on head as
instructed, but is unable to sleep.

Result: After 45 minutes of attempting to sleep, an unknown gas enters the mask causing the subject to
immediately enter a state of REM sleep. Mask was removed from the subject after 8 hours however he
remained in a state of sleep despite numerous attempts to wake him. Subject remains in a veritable coma in medical wing B. As of 2/█/20█


Subject: D-726712

Subject notes: Subject suffers from Narcolepsy.

Test: Subject is instructed to sleep with mask on.

Result: Within 20 minutes of falling asleep an unknown gas enters the mask.
Subject immediately awakens and remains so for several weeks before expiring. Symptoms correlate to
fatal familial insomnia. However, repeated testing has not found the prion which causes the disease within the subject.


Subject: D-931907

Subject notes: Subject is known to compulsively grind his teeth during sleep (Bruxism)

Test: Subject is instructed to sleep with mask on. 1h and 37m into the
test the subject begins grinding his teeth.

Result: Following two minutes of grinding his teeth, again an unknown gas
enters the mask causing the roots of the subject's teeth to rapidly degrade. The Subject choked as his teeth became lodged in his throat.

Notes- Tests suggest the device is capable of limited intelligence as well as being able to react to changing circumstances. Recommend further testing once we can find more D-class with sleeping disorders.
-Dr. Faulk

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