SCP-1656 in its dormant state

Item #: SCP-1656
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1656 is not to be used without proper authorisation.

SCP-1656 is “installed” against the wall of a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m concrete room under constant video surveillance with 2 camera’s.
The only other door must be placed opposite SCP-1656.
If personal must enter SCP-1656’s containment they must be stripped searched prior to entrance for keys, each key must be catalogued.
If SCP-1656-1 were to repeat all personnel are to evacuate the containment immediately.

Description: SCP-1656 looks like any average wooden deadlocked door.
Whatever key is put into the keyhole for the door the door will open to the location of where the door/lock that the key was originally intended for is/was.
The lock has been changed multiply times and the effect still remains.
The removed lock seems to be a standard deadbolt lock other than the missing serial number and manufacturer name.

SCP-1656 being used with a key to a foot safe

An authorised attempt to pick SCP-1656’s lock was made by a convicted cat burglar by the name of Tanda ███████ that had been held in custody for the last █years after the attempted theft of SCP-06█ when she was in possession of SCP- ████, after successfully pick locking the lock then proceeded to open SCP-1656 and stood in front of it, there was nothing on the other side, just black, then she was “sucked” in with SCP-1656’s Door slamming shut immediately after her, SCP-1696 proceeded to make noises if it was about to shake off it’s hinges and was vibrating vigorously for the next 13 minutes.

SCP-1696- 1: On the 17th of August ████ SCP-1656’s door started to open seemingly by itself, once the SCP-1656’s door was open aprox 2inches it ceased to open and four pale “oddly” long fingers came out and gripped the door and then immediately fled back inside with the door slamming behind

The Footage of SCP-1656-1 does not show who or whatever (SCP-1656-1A) was on the other side of the door as the camera was set up directly across from SCP-1656.

On the 21st of August ████ after the incident of SCP-1656-1 a camera was installed at the angle of which SCP-1696-1A would have been recorded, To date (██-██-████) no more incidents have taken place related to SCP-1656-1.

It does not seem to matter what size the door that the key fits into as SCP-1656 seems to adjust to it’s environment.

Addendum: Dr. O████ Sims with help from Prof. Z█████ MacPherson and Dr. B████ Crozier are currently studying SCP-1656

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