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Item #: SCP-1674

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1674 is contained at site ██. A 105 x 105 m square room made of 20 cm thickness steel walls are built around SCP-1674. Access is via
containment door measuring 2 x 2.5 m made of steel. Two security guards are to be placed outside the containment room. Two security cameras are to be placed inside the
containment room. Only D-Class personnels are granted permission to be exposed directly to SCP-1674. Any personnels exposed directly to SCP-1674 will be eliminated.

Description: SCP-1674 are two six-sided dices composed of primarily human bones. SCP-1674 was found inside an old cardboard box at an abandoned house in ██████, Indonesia.
Records regarding to the house owner and informations about the house were not found. Humans that are exposed directly to SCP-1674 will be tempted to roll it, by whatever means
necessary. Indirect exposure to SCP-1674 caused no effects. The dice appears to be indestructible, although this has not been confirmed.

Subjects that rolled SCP-1674 will have their physical and mental abilities multiplied by the numbers shown by SCP-1674. It will also turn the subject into a more violent, vicious person. The radius of SCP-1674 effect is approximately 100 m. The effect lasts for about 3 hours and 30 minutes. However, if the subject leave the area of effect for any reasons, their physical and mental abilities will be divided permanently by the numbers on SCP-1674 the subject rolled before. Once the subject left the area, the the subject can't regain it's former abilities even by rolling the dice again.

SCP-1674-1 and SCP-1674-2 appear to have the same effects. When both dices are rolled at the same time [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum A: On 21/07/████, some tests were conducted in which D-87932, a Mongoloid male of 43 years old, was exposed to SCP-1674. D-87932 rolled 5 on SCP-1674-1. D-87932 reported an immense increase in strength, stamina, agility, intelligence and other abilities. D-87932 rebelled the guards and attempted an escape. D-87932 managed to get past the guards and heed towards the containment door. Upon reaching the door, D-87932 was reported to ran out of stamina. D-87932 was immediately neutralized after that incident.

Addendum B: On 29/07/████, some tests were conducted in which D-87936, a Caucasian female of 38 years old, was exposed to SCP-1674. D-87936 rolled both dices and [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note from Dr. Devenom:

Do not attempt to roll both of the dices at once anymore. We've seen the consequences, we don't want it happening again.

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