Item #: SCP-1743

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1743 is contained on dedicated Site-108. Access, aside from scheduled tests, is authorized only to Level-1 lift mechanics with overseeing of at least one (1) Level-4 personnel for periodical maintenance, including full examination before and after scheduled tests. These are to be allowed by at least one (1) Level-4 personnel and one (1) researcher, whom is to assume supervision of the test. Only Class-D subjects, equipped with remote systems including an audio transceiver, a video camera, and a temperature sensor, the live feeds of which are monitored by at least (1) Level-4 or above researcher on ground level operative base, are to be used for testing.

The site is to be remain hidden to any civilian, building residents included, by a concrete isolation wall at least 30 cm thick on each conventional level, built at a distance no less than 30 centimeters from the door of the device. The number of the level is to be painted on the back of this wall, facing the device door. This distance is widened to 2 meters on the ground level, allowing the creation of an operative base for testing purposes. An armored, padlocked iron service door, secured with a silent intrusion alarm and unaligned with the device door, gives access to this base.

At no time are guards to be posted outside of the site to avoid civilian suspicion. If an intruder is detected by the intrusion alarm, an on-cover agent of the Foundation, who lives in an appartment at ground level as a maid and which is equipped with a bipper linked with the alarm, is to enter into the operative base and to intent to call the lift. While such an event never happened to date, it is assumed that this procedure will effectively [DATA REDACTED]

Description: SCP-1743 is a lift located in a public housing 22-storey (plus one basement) building in the suburbs of █████, ██████.

With no visible features aside from those of an ordinary elevator – featuring a call button on each platform, plus one button per level, to force door opening, door closing, emergency call and operation stop inside the car – it possesses the ability to interpret the intentions of its passengers to light by itself the corresponding button and bring the passengers where they want to go, without them performing any physical action. This includes reaching any level they want to go to, using any special function that is assigned a button, as well as several different behaviors that are not expected from such an elevator.

The elevator was installed during initial construction of the building in 19██. However, its special abilities were not experienced until May 20██, at which date the Foundation was alerted by an on-cover agent working for the town of █████, alerted himself by the housing office of the building. Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") were instructed to attempt to contain the device, hiring local masons and lift mechanics to wall it and install another one, with forced agreement from the housing office.

Following this procedure, class-A amnesiacs were administered to all residents, masons, lift mechanics, and any other localizable civilian known to have visited the building since the first occurrences of the abnormal behavior, aside with the delivery of a cover story consisting of the creation of a service room on the ground level and an isolation reinforcement on other levels, on a location that never hosted any elevator or other useful device.

Significant test reports:

Test #1743-001
Subject: D-001, equipped with an audio transceiver, supervised by Prof. █████
Date: 24/05/20██
Procedure: D-001 was told to go to the 22nd level and not to touch anything. When coming to the door, this one opened. Class-D entered the car, in which the button for the 22nd level was already lit. Doors closed and the car rose up at normal speed, to reach the requested level, at which the doors opened again. Prof. █████ told Class-D to go then at the 8th level, again not touching anything but only thinking of it. The lift doors closed instantly after the communication ended, the car went down to the 8th level in a normal manner. At least, Class-D was instructed the same way to go back to ground level.

Test #1743-014
Subject: D-014 and D-015, equipped with an audio transceiver, supervised by Prof. █████████
Date: 07/06/20██
Procedure: Both Class-D personnel were individually given separate levels to reach before entering the building: 15th for D-014 and 20th for D-015. When entering the car, the two buttons for the 15th and the 20th levels were lit. The car rose up, stopped at 15th level and remained there until D-014 exited the cabin on order from Prof. █████████. The car then reached the 20th level.

D-015 was told to go back to 15th level to allow D-014 to enter the car back. However, when the doors opened, [DATA REDACTED] subsequently requesting Euclid classification (granted on 09/06/20██) and revision of containment procedures, with the addition of a video camera in the Class-D equipment.

Test #1743-022
Subject: D-025, equipped with an audio transceiver and a video camera, supervised by Prof. ██████
Date: 17/06/20██
Procedure: D-025 was told to go “to the top level of the building”. Upon entering the car, no button was lit. When reporting it, Class-D was asked not to press any button, but by the same time the doors closed and the car began to rise up the 22 levels of the building. However, on the 22nd floor, the car did not stop and crashed through the ceiling.

The cabin showed an unsuspected resistance, only experiencing minor damage in the accident, mainly on the inner cladding of the cabin, and stopped gently and precisely at roof level. D-025 was shocked but otherwise fine. Given this opportunity, the outer of the cab was thoroughly but unsuccessfully inspected for irregularities over a normal lift. As the cabin was left unobserved for a couple of minutes while calling for a fix, it has been found to have vanished and, after a quick research, remaining at ground level, waiting for passengers its doors wide open and in a pristine condition.

Test #1743-023
Subject: D-026, equipped with an audio transceiver and a video camera, supervised by Prof. ██████
Date: 18/06/20██
Procedure: D-026 was told to go “as low as possible”. Upon entering the car, no button was lit. After the doors closed, the car began to go down at normal speed. It passed the single basement and kept on moving down at an exponential pace.

After half a minute, the display inside the cabin reached and got stuck at -99, but the drop continued apparently indefinitely. By the same time, Class-D remotely told Prof. ██████ that she began experiencing an increasing but still bearable heat, at which point the Professor told her that the audio and video liaison were deteriorating and ordered her to go back to ground level. At this moment, the cabin stopped gently, then abruptly changed direction and went up at a decreasingly exponential speed, starting twice as fast as the descent.

The cabin finally abruptly reached ground level. Upon opening of the door, D-026 was found [DATA REDACTED] It is estimated that the cabin travelled ████ levels under ground. Request made to add a temperature sensor and more resistant remote devices to the equipment of test subjects (granted on 24/06/20██)

Test #1743-025
Subject: D-028, equipped with an audio transceiver and a video camera, supervised by Prof. ████
Date: 22/06/20██
Procedure: D-028 was told to go “on the Moon”. While doubtful, Class-D finally agreed to give a try and entered the car. Instantly, the display read, in the form of an infinitely scrolling text: “UNREACHABLE - ABORT”. The cabin did not move and its doors remained wide open. Prof. ████ then asked Class-D to step out of the lift, at which point the display switched back to its normal reading (the zero digit).

Test #1743-026
Subject: D-028, equipped with an audio transceiver and a video camera, supervised by Pr. ████
Date: 22/06/20██
Procedure: D-028 was told to go “to the center of Earth”. Class-D instantly agreed, arguing that this test will not be more successful than the previous one. However, the cabin began to move the same way as in test #1743-023. It reached estimated level -█████ before Class-D collapsed, and the cabin began melting at estimated level -█████. After both video and audio liaisons were lost, the cabin reappeared on the ground level, as in test #1743-022.

Test #1743-029
Subject: D-032, equipped with an audio transceiver, a video camera, and a temperature sensor, supervised by Prof. ████████
Date: 30/06/20██
Procedure: D-032 was told to go “anywhere he wants”. The doors shut successfully and the car began going down until level -18. At this point, some metallic noise was heard through the microphone for almost two minutes, while subject also reported intense vibration in the cabin. When the metallic noise stopped, the thud of a motor began to clatter and the cab began to move horizontally.

When Prof. ████████ realized what was happening, he called the local police under the pretext of [DATA REDACTED] to several locations that were quoted as familiar in D-032's file. He was caught [DATA REDACTED] and was consecutively terminated by order of the Foundation. Prof. ████████ was subsequently discarded and reclassified as D-Class personnel. It should be noted that later investigations report that the anomalous lift virtually passed through the actual building's one, this latter travelling at this time from top to bottom.

Note by O5-██ : Keep in mind that D-class personnel are made of potentially dangerous condemned outlaws. Offering them an occasion to escape is NOT the right way to test a SCP.

Test #1743-031
Subject: D-034, equipped with an audio transceiver, a video camera, and a temperature sensor, supervised by Prof. ████
Date: 05/07/20██
Procedure: D-034 was told to go to level -1000. The car went down at estimated 1.5 normal speeds, with display stuck at -99, and gently stopped on estimated level -1000. Doors opened, leading to a straight, dim red lit rocky corridor. Class-D was instructed to move forward this corridor, and traveled around 1 400 meters before reaching [DATA REDACTED]. The lack of Foundation's task forces residing by the area made recontainment tricky, and the ██████ army had to intervene to avoid the diffusion of this threat, potentially leading to thousands of casualties. Once containment was achieved, soldiers were given Class-B amnesiacs and an on-cover story was supplied consisting in a bomb threat.

Examination for cross-involvement between SCP-1743 and SCP-███ pending. Further testing of SCP-1743 is now suspended until more secure operating procedures are found.

Note by O5-██ : It is happy that the ███nd Aviation Regiment had not yet finished the demilitarization of their base by the time of this test. I don't even want to think to what could have occured if this test had been made only a week later. I advise to establish an on-cover Mobile Task Base somewhere in the region to prevent future menaces of this kind.

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