Item #: #1984
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1984 is to be kept in an eight digit safe located at ████-██. Due to the dangerous and rapid effects of SCP-1984, access is restricted to Level-3 personnel or higher. Any personnel who wish to access SCP-1984 for strictly official purposes only will be given the combination to the safe temporarily for a short amount of time.The combination will be adjusted 24 hours later to abide by safety precautions and SCP-1984 is to be returned immediately. Photographing SCP-1984 is generally disapproved.

Description: SCP-1984 is a light brown stuffed bear of a substantially small size. To adults and young adults, SCP-1984 will remain reasonably inconspicuous in comparison to other stuffed bears of the same cosmetic nature. Likewise, children under the specified age will psychologically become attached to the stuffed bear within a range of minutes to hours. The teddy bear has proven itself to be harmful if a sentient being is in proximity of the bear for extended periods of time, such as when the being is involved in recreational activities within a small area, or when the sentient being is sleeping. This affect is particularly prominent with children between the ages of 5-12. SCP-1984 has been proven to induce vivid nightmares onto the subject and usually influences the sentient being to fall into a heavy sleep, followed by eventual sleep walking - usually ending with the being harming themselves while remaining incredibly close to the stuffed bear, while completely out of control of his or her actions. The amount of self harm caused is directly proportional to how close the being is to SCP-1984. After a sizeable amount of damage has been conflicted, the being will [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the subject awakens, the subject will experience incredible pain and will go into an induced state of shock from the amount of blood lost. This happens repeatedly for approximately 3-4 nights until the subject dies in his or her sleep, providing they are left untreated.

While awake and in proximity of the teddy bear, the subject has been proven to feel irrational hatred towards near sentient beings such as house pets or humans. As the subject remains within the radius of the teddy bear, symptoms will worsen and vision will become exponentially worse. The effect gradually [DATA EXPUNGED], within ██ hours. As the subject remains in contact with SCP-1984, the desire to stay near the bear becomes stronger, usually causing the subject to hold the teddy bear or to ███████.

Subjects whom remain in consciousness while in contact with SCP-1984 are said to have experienced intense shaking, migraines and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects display these signs of displeasure at regular intervals for roughly three to five minutes. As the symptoms continue, the affects worsen and the subject becomes progressively more hostile towards other beings. In most cases, the subject feels easily distressed by others from unprovocative questions and long conversations held with the conflicted subject. This occurrence is more noticeable when the subject is not within a substantial proximity of SCP-1984. Subject has a tendency to violently attack beings also in proximity of the stuffed animal at the same time as the subject within █ hours. Denial of SCP-1984 causes the subject to initially go into a state of hysterical anger which increases with age, followed by a state of depression for periods of days before the effect fully wears off.

Addendum 1: Recovery: The first instance of SCP-1984 was identified and contained by Agent ██████ in 1999 - located in █████████, China. The agent witnessed a very young female around five years of age to act increasingly defensive of the stuffed bear, referring it as her "only" or her "everything". The bear was found in a toy shop formerly known as ████████. Eventually, SCP-1984 was taken from the girl by force from two security guards after unsuccessful attempts from her parents. The female was briefly questioned, answering questions to no avail with the same response every time through gritted teeth, "Give me back Only." The stuffed bear was located among many other seemingly regular toys in [DATA EXPUNGED], with the only irregularity being that all of the children below 12 years of age which passed by the bear had shown a common interest, holding the bear for up to 30 minutes with unusually strong grip before putting it down by strict order of the child's parents. The affect held by the young girl was potent due to the intense amount of time she was exposed to the bear. SCP-1984 was reported and taken away immediately. The manufacturer and origin of the stuffed bear is currently unknown and there is only one record of SCP-1984 currently contained. Two attempts to destroy SCP-1984 have proven generally unsuccessful.

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