Although SCP-2000-Beta is nearly fully translated, there are still a few pages left untranslated due to lack of equivalent in any known language, blood stains from SCP-2000-B due to [DATA-RETRACTED], and illegibility due to SCP-2000-B handwriting.

Log Entry 1
This is it, I’m leaving [DATA-EXPUNGED], at long last. Out of all the people from the space agency, I was chosen. So many people couldn’t believe it but when you work for the Organization, strings had to be pulled for the real mission to take place.
I am not really looking forwards to dealing with these humans. I’ve read the reports, that’s pretty much ALL I’m going to be doing on this ship, of this ‘Foundation’. They’re horrific amoral monsters. Out of all of their —PCSs—«SCPs», so few are actually treated. I’ve heard Controller-10 talk about something called 231 or something like that. Even though I was told to read all of these (what are they called, the entries? Reports, data entries, logs, etc?), baring the few information hazards, I was told that I shouldn’t really read that one. And the dossiers of some of these people are just beyond belief-

Upon searching of SCP-2000-A, no source of information on the Foundation has been found. As such, all security codes have been changed and security has been doubled to prevent another full-scale security breach.

Log Entry 2
I’m flying away from [DATA-EXPUNGED] and it’s just so small looking, so tiny, so beautiful. [DATA-ILLEGALBE] would love this view and so would [DATA-ILLEGALBE], although I guess [DATA-ILLEGALBE] wouldn’t quiet understand it yet. I really miss them…

Where was I in my last entry? Oh yes, I was talking about the people of this Foundation-weird, we almost have the same motto; Protect the people, Contain the dangerous objects, and keep things Secure and they have Secure, Contain getting off track.
These people. So [DATA-ILLEGABLE]shit insane. I mean, how could someone be that accident prone and yet be a high level personal. This king of booooterflies is like a [DATA-ILLEGABLE], only in flesh and blood and thankfully pointed at something more dangerous. This Jack person…hm, I think we saw something like this…oh yeah, [DATA-ILLEGABLE] had something like. Shouldn’t be too hard to get 963 off of him, if it is even a bit similar to what [DATA-ILLEGABLE] had to deal with.
This Clef person. He terrifies me. He is clearly [DATA-ILLEGABLE], yet they let him roam free. Although, if we had someone like that back home, a lot less people would be dead…
That’s it, I’ve been avoiding it for long enough. I’m going to see what is so bad about 231.

Log Entry 3 is completely illegible due to multiple strike outs presumably by SCP-2000-B.

Log Entry 4
I’ve read 231 a few hours ago. After [DATA-ILLEGABLE] my guts out, I tried to write out my thoughts. [DATA-ILLEGABLE] said to keep this journal to keep myself sane during this trip. It is, I think. I think I can finally put thoughts down.
231…[DATA-ILLEGABLE] 231. I know some of the Controllers said that 231 voided humanity’s right to claim a soul, but I thought nothing could be that bad to condemn an entire race. After reading what 110-Montauk is… I’m not sure anymore. How could anything be justified to do [DATA-EXPUNGED]? I would never [DATA-ILLEGABLE]

Last entry of Log 4 appears to contain water damage, currently being treated to make legible.

Log entry 11
I’ve finished reading all of their reports. Dear [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. I’ve finally learned not to eat before or after reading any of their (entries?), tired of puking after every few readings. I’ve my doubts about this mission. What is I guess this is why the Organization wanted to make this mission to these humans public, so I wouldn’t couldn't become another one of their things to contain. Make things too big for them to cover up and force them to the table. That damn speech is obvious that the only way we could have made it clearer was for me to shout ‘Hey Foundation! My people’s version of you guys wants to make a deal. And oh yeah, SCPSCPSCP!’

Log entry 13
Their languages aren’t too difficult, thank [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. As soon as I make contact with monsters, the better. I don’t see how they could do anything for us, psychopathically murders only held on a short leash by their bosses.
Although, they do have fewer things then us. They’ve not even broke six digits yet. Have to check the sonar again, another meteor bleeped on it.

Log entry 15
Going to be entering their solar system in a few days. I really miss [DATA-ILLEGABLE] and [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. I hope to be done with this mission soon. I really miss [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. Heh, me, the first astronaut and all I want to do is be on [DATA-ILLEGABLE].
I haven’t touched any of the readings since [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. How can anyone deal with objects that dangerous? I know that the Organization is diverse so we each work to our strengths, don’t step on people’s [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. But maybe that’s why we have so many…
Going to just ignore that damn sensor. Every other day it’s another meteor passing by.

Last log entry
Dear [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. It’s just like [DATA-ILLEGABLE]. Earth, [DATA-ILLEGABLE] they are both the same little planet, same fragile little marble, same beautiful orb holding life. I’ve realized something. The Foundation has it right and we’ve got it wrong. There’s a reason why they have their motto to a point. To drive each of their goals home. Secure. Contain. PROTECT. We’ve just have it as a phrase, something to rattled off.

I’ve realized something else. For all the horrors they do; it’s needed. This planet has so many horrors, so many creatures, so many things that could have easily destroy it a thousand times over and the cosmos. Yet it keeps on spinning, each day guaranteed by this Foundation. This blue orb continues to have a new day because they are willing to do whatever is needed to protect all of their people. I was wrong about them before. 231 does not void their claim to a soul; it only proves how good they are, how far they will go to protect their home. We’ve would never been that strong in the same spot. The Foundation has so much to show us, to teach us. In a few hours, I’ll be making contact with them all. Tomorrow will be a brand new day for both of us, both of races, both of our groups. We’ll be able to protect everyone now.

I cannot wait to see [DATA-ILLEGABLE] and [DATA-ILLEGABLE]; I miss waking up in the morning, with him in my arms. He promised me that he’ll try to get [DATA-ILLEGABLE] first attempt on tape for me. It’s hard to believe she’ll be eight years old once I get back, already able to fly to-

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