Item #: SCP-2167

Object Class: [[REDACTED]] Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2167 is to be kept in a single, circular stone room cell without corners of [[DATA EXPUNGED]] and a ceiling made entirely of smooth obsidian mirrors. The cells dimensions are of no consequence but the integrity of the mirrors is paramount. For sanitary reasons, a small drainage pipe is to be reconstructed into any cell provided. A single wooden door without a lock must be the only entrance, staffed at all times by a middle aged, Ethnically Jewish, circumcised, elderly male Rabbi of weak conviction in his faith (Note: Class D subjects with online "Rabbinical degrees" are not acceptable guard material).

The Rabbi is never to open the door and due to the temptation to do so and the necessity of a lock less room, it is imperative he be provided with proper incentive to follow SCP procedures.
Coercion incentives must be non-reward based (non-fiscal).Threats and blackmail are preferable, and familial risk objectives are permitted by Site Director discretion.

Cell mirrors must be maintained and polished perfectly. To maintain the integrity of the mirrors, a single wooden coffin that locks from the inside is to be the only furnishing provided (so that SCP-2167 might reside within it during cleanings and maintenance) and SCP-2167 will place itself inside whenever monthly maintenance is requested.

Under no circumstances may SCP-2167 be restrained by physical means or approached with physical force for any reason. In case of a containment breach, senior staff members are to be immediately notified as well as the current Israeli Head of State (see Project Herodian). All other site Keter-containment procedures are to be followed as usual by non-senior staff personnel.

Under no circumstances is any non-living material to be given to SCP-2167 besides a coffin. Under no circumstances might SCP-2167 be monitored or recorded for any purpose besides monthly non-human communication. No pictures may be taken of SCP-2167 and no voice recordings may be made of SCP-2167.

SCP-2167 is not to have post-pubescent human interaction for any reason without previous senior SCP staff clearance (Exceptions granted [[DATA EXPUNGED]] only by orders outlined under Project Herodian). Because of Incident 2167-A, under no circumstance may Class D subjects of any age or gender ever encounter of be informed of the existence of SCP-2167.

Physical interaction with SCP-2167 is to take place for one hour every lunar moon cycle at exactly midnight Tel Aviv time. Communication is be limited to non-human subjects at all times through proxy. Non-human SCP test subjects are to be fitted with SCP Foundation approved low value canines or farm swine fitted with SCP Foundation approved communication devices, and canines who have not formed bonds with senior staff members. All communication devices must be fitted with voice modulation software.

Under SCP Foundation confinement, SCP-2167 is to be considered high risk, yet docile and highly manipulable. Subject is to be kept under constant psychological review for personality change monitoring and Bipolar tendencies.

See Project Herodian for a list of non-inanimate items which may be requested by SCP-2167



SCP-2167 appears as a pale, tall, blonde human female of youthful age and build. Her acquisition was requested by special request from Senior Zion Defense member [[DATA EXPUNGED]] Senior GOC Defense member [[DATA EXPUNGE]]. The 1948 acquisition at מלחמת העצמאות or מלחמת הקוממיות‎ resulted in [[DATA EXPUNGED]] Armistice lines and seven SPC member casualties and one bio hazard report for the النكبة. Senior GOC members refuse to disclose any previous information on SPC-2167 except for it's previous name under captivity and it's feeding habits.

The acquisition went smoothly. From early 1949-1967, subject appeared calm and reasonable, and even cooperative. The subject communicated clearly in almost any language. Due to it's docile nature subject was allowed to freely roam SCP site hallways and mess halls. While the subject fraternized with Class D personnel and Site staff of all levels, the subject seemed to have an odd predilection for Keter level areas despite her previously non-alarmist classification.

While SCP-2167 appeared to have no extraordinary powers prior to 1967, the subject eventually gained attention for the unusual number of personnel traffic to it's room. Combined with a high level of missing Class D personnel, the subject was slated for investigation.

On July 4th, 1967, Junior Researcher [[DATA EXPUNGED]] isolated himself and the subject for an interview authorized prior to the implementation of SCP Foundation Individual Sanctity Codes.


JR: Name?
JR: What?
2167: I said, would you like to[[DATA EXPUNGED]]
JR: (laughter) Ah hah, wow (sound of a chair scraping on concrete). That's nothing new, though. You're usually more coy…. (a crinkling)
2167:Now, I need to feel something growing. Now, please.
JR: As you with, my lady….let's just… get this off…. OH DEAR GOD-
2167: What? What?! Oh pl-
JR: Oh, god, the blood, it's everywhere, I'm gonna… (retching sound)
2167: Oh, no.No. No please, you mustn't! It's natural! Please don't-
2167: No, I shouldn't have this, I didn't… he promised… I wouldn't… Oh god, the blood… It's coming now… I can't get the writing off…don't CALL ME THAT YOU-
JR: gurgles
2167: על־המים׃ את המים של בבל אנחנו נשכב וישימו וישימו עבורך על־המים׃ את המים של בבל אנחנו נשכב וישימו וישימו עבורך על־המים׃ את המים של בבל אנחנו נשכב וישימו וישימו עבורך על־המים׃ את המים של בבל אנחנו נשכב וישימו וישימו עבורך…. (continues)
JR: (presumed expired)
2167: תגיד לי איפה אתה לשמור על 682 דודי הדרקון שלי דיזייר שלי


Subject was later contained after three days and [[DOCUMENT 2167 CLASSIFIED]] after her brief tryst and placed under isolation without force. Cleanup of the interrogation site took seven days due to the smell. Besides the death of Junior Researcher [[DATA EXPUNGED]], no casualties stemming from this incident were reported. Subject was moved to Class Safe after one year, under the findings of Project Herodian (see report).

From Summer 1969 to Spring 1982, Subject-2167 appeared morose and aloof. She underwent physical changes appearing to align with a human [[REDACTED]] and a swollen [[DATA EXPUNGED]]. Despite this change, the response from Class D members only increased and she attentions from site staff increased as well. Subject-2167 often reported her personal fears of harm to site staff and personnel and it was during these years that it was observed that male and female staff members observed Subject-2167 very differently and testing began to study the different perceptions people had of the subject. It is worth noting that males were apparently able to observe some writing upon Subject-2167 that females could not.

In Spring 1982, another breach occurred after several days of SPC-2187 being confined to medical isolation upon anticipated arrival of [[REDACTED]]. Subject then broke free of confinement, simply removing any door in front of it regardless of locks or physical violence authorized against it. Subject was observed actively avoiding rooms with mirrors or small spaces upon her escape from Site [[DATA EXPUNGED]]. Subject was considered at large until 1991, when she was recovered without incident.

Subject was recovered from the GOC and Hamas after being debriefed on Project Herodian and a single female child, [[SCP-DATA EXPUNGED]]. Subject and the child were separated immediately and moved to separate facilities and placed under monitoring care. Subject was moved to class [[DATA EXPUNGED]] and then provided with Class D personnel in order to sate her hunger.

SCP-2167 began complaining of a corruption and soon after began to show homicidal and what it and others described as "unclean" tendencies. Soon after, a Class A incident occurred resulting in and a return back to where the subject left after she killed the Junior Assistant. After a short conversation, Subject-2167 became enraged and [[DATA EXPUNGED]] resulting in 66 casualties, a significant number. 2167 left a trail of blood behind it as it appeared to stalk it's way to Subject [[DATA EXPUNGED]], killing anything in it's path and opening any locks. Fortunately for SCP, Senior personnel persuaded the subject to meet it halfway.

[[EXPUNGED]]: This isn't going to stop her, just look-
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: Now speak.
(heavy breathing)
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: My child, my daughter. What have you done now?
[[SCP-2167]]: What I was supposed to do. I am waiting for my love again. They corrupted me… (screams)
[[SCP-2167]]: You don't know how much it hurts!
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: Oh, but I do, I do. I do indeed. I gave you the curse, but you are of a free will. You needn't have lied down with such as them.
[[SCP-2167]]: And if I did not? They are my [[DATA EXPUNGED]]!
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: This is such an excellent organization. Some of the best of what I made resides here, and they contain some of the worst. They even have the [[REDACTED]]. All seven of them that you made to destroy me.
[[SCP-2167]]: (Cries) You lie. You always lied to me!-
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: Now, you know I cannot do that. I cannot lie to you, for whatever else you are, [[REDACTED]], you truly are one of mine. You make. You made. Like I did. Like I still do.
[[SCP-2167]]: (Cries and kneels down)
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: Shhh, shhh.
[[SCP-2167]]: (Cries)
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: I cannot make them free… any of them. Your daughters are lost. You know that. They are not mine.
[[SCP-2167]]: (Appears to suddenly rise and anger quickly, clenching pointed teeth) They are your [[REDACTED]]
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: (Facial features darken) You dare to blame me for the many, many burdens you brought forth with your wanton ways?
[[SCP-2167]]: Your children are rising now, and we shall build the future on your bones, מסילת רכבת עילית . Even now they grow inside me, and my consort plans a future upon your bones. I see him even now. You were a fool to come here, [[REDACTED]].
[[EXPUNGED 2]]: So be it.


Shortly after the incident SCP-2167 was moved to Keter Class and contained inside it's room. Procedures under Project Herodian were enacted resulting in isolation and separation of subject under 0C-5 orders.

Subject was cooperative until 2003, with a resurgence of homicidal behavior. Male infants are to be [[REDACTED]]. Project Herodian is not to be undermined upon diplomatic sanctions.

Addendum: Project Herodian

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