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^^ SCP-2418 upon initial recovery. Note: Photos and videos of SCP-2418 are non-anomalous. ^^

Item #: SCP-2418

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2418 is to be kept in a sturdy resealable container in Artifact Storage Unit 2 at Site-19. The lock for this container is to be stored under the direct supervision of department lead. Removal from storage is restricted to testing uses only and highly discouraged, requiring the direct permission of at least 2 class-5 personnel and the written acknowledgment of the site Security Director.

Direct contact, including visual contact, is only allowed for D-Class personnel at all times. D-Class personnel exhibiting maligant sociopathic tendencies are to be informed of their immediate termination, fulfilling SCP-2418's primary effect and preventing a wider containment breach.


SCP-2418 is a 5-inch tall ebony carving of a black bear standing on its hind legs, beginning to eat a freshly-caught fish. The carving is quite detailed, though rough, as though it was made without access to adequate tools. A 2cm circular base supports the carving and has two inscriptions. On the bottom is etched 'With love, E.P.'. The front edge is inscribed, 'BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.'

Humans that gaze into SCP-2418's eyes for any length of time develop a strong and discomforting sense of foreboding, which is followed shortly (usually within several hours) by a revelation of 'bad news' as subjectively determined by the subject. Multiple subjects can be afflicted at one time, though the artifact appears to 'deactivate' following contact and takes betweeen █ and ██ hours to recharge. Exposure time to SCP-2418 is loosely correlated with the intensity or harmfulness of the bad news, though there are numerous exceptions to this rule; following an exposure of approximately 2 seconds [DATA EXPUNGED] entire family was found dead.

Conversely, sometimes the bad news revealed is as simple as the subject being informed that he will have to stay late for work. In one instance, a D-Class personnel exiting the test chamber realized he had forgotten to transfer a tub of ice cream to the break room freezer.

It is unclear as to whether SCP-2418 actually manifests bad news or exposure to SCP-2418 is merely highly correlated with bad news. Numerous investigations have revealed that several of the 'bad' events correlated with SCP-2418 exposure actually occured previously to exposure, with the subject only learning of these events later.

SCP-2418 was discovered in an antique shop in ████, New York, during a routine sweep of local dealers of oddities and antiquities. Agent Pearson immediately recognized SCP-2418 as a cognitohazard when he developed a strong feeling of dread after exposure. The owner, Mr ██████, admitted continually falling revenue following acquisition of the item upon questioning. After contemplating the carving that morning, he had recieved a foreclosure notice on his shop's mortgage. Containment proceeded without issue until a tire on Agent Pearson's vehicle popped after colliding with road debris. Upon dialing 411 Agent Pearson was informed that no tow trucks were available.

Multiple researchers have requested SCP-2418 be upgraded to Keter status and heightened security due to the unpredictability of its effects. It is theoretically possible that the bad news it imparts could be an imminent containment breach, a VK-, MK-, or DK-Class scenario, or even [REDACTED]. For these and other reasons research into SCP-2418 is extremely limited.

Addendum 2418-A:

After Incident ████████-████ it is theorized that exposure to extremely violent or sociopathic D-class personnel resulted in good news for these subjects, which without variation resulted in bad news for everyone else. An investigation is ongoing due to the loss of █ personnel.

Addendum 2418-B:

In an effort to prevent exposure to SCP-2418 during a routine transfer operation which coincided with a containment breach with SCP-███, Agent Owusu deactivated all lighting. During this period it was noticed that SCP-2418's eyes phosphoresce, resulting in immediate exposure. Agent Owusu was able to radio news of a breach before containment orders were given. Agent Owusu did not survive the breach. Subsequent review of the breach procedures indicated Agent Owusu was informed via radio that his recovery priority was discretionary before his demise.

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