SCP-2666: The Shadow
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Item #: SCP-2666

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Containment Area 777c must be built 200 meters under an artic plain in an low-sismical activity zone, and needs to be illuminated 24 hours 24. If the lights are off, will need to repair the fault in 10 minutes. If the lights will not turn on in 10 minutes, everyone have to go to the nearest Armed storage, send an S.O.S. to the nearst Containment Site and go to the protected Sector.
The Containment Area 777c must have: A cubic containment cell 3 meters long with strong lamps and painted with fluo colors; An armed zone with electric traps of 700000 volt power, very strong lamps and lasers; An emergency Generator; A protected Sector all around the armed zone with elevators of 7 T. collegated to a bunker on the snow. Every armed unit need to be made of 3 or more adepts of level 2 or more, armed with rocket launcher, miniguns and a torch.

Description: SCP-2666 is suddivided in 2 parts: SCP-2666-1, a black shapeshifter tissue, and SCP-2666-2, an energy bulb always in the center of the body.
SCP-2666 is a black immortal shapeshifter tissue, and use the darkness as an energy font to recharge himself. The charge process lasts around 10 minutes and, when SCP-2666-2 is full charged, SCP-2666-1 start to change his shape and multiply himself. When SCP-2666-2 is decharged, SCP-2666-1 become a stange dark cloud whit red shining eyes.
A strange chemical reaction make him stronger when the people are afraid, that make SCP-2666 a threat to all the umanity.
A strange chemical reaction make him very weak to every weapon correlated with the light and/or the number 7.
SCP-2666 is immortal, not invulnerable, and every damage SCP-2666-2 undegoes, decrease the energy of SCP-2666-1.
We stopped SCP-2666 more than once:

  • Destroyed under the fire of 700 miniguns;
  • Exploded under the fire of 70 rocketlauncher;
  • Squashed under 7 T.;
  • Melted by lots of lights;
  • Shocked by 700000 volt;
  • Drilled by lots of lasers;
  • Using the detonating system of the Containment Areas 777a and 777b

We made lots of experiments about him and we descovered that SCP-2666-1 is made of silk and is maintained all in one piece by the energy of SCP-2666-2, made of dark matter.


Addendum: SCP-2666-2 was discovered by [DELETED DATA] in the 1892 in a forest, and wrapped in a black silk, then selld to the museum [DELETED DATA] and placed upon that black silk. That night SCP-2666-2 took the control of the silk, and start to destroy that museum. The [DELETED DATA] army destoyed SCP-2666 and given him to the SCP Foundation. So, the foundation create a containment area in [DELETED DATA], where is located now.

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