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SCP-31291 by itself.

Item #: SCP-1291

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1291 is kept in an airtight metallic storage locker located in Sector-25. It is secured by a 3-number combination lock. The combination has been memorized by twelve different Level 3 On-Site personnel. Access to SCP-1291 has been granted to Level 3 personnel and higher. After usage, SCP-1291 is to be machine washed on a Standard Cycle and air dried for one hour before return to its locker.

Description: SCP-1291 is a martial arts black belt that is 2.56 meters long and 3.8 centimeters wide. Eight lines of stitching run lengthise across the belt. It is made of cotton, and dyed black, with a layer of satin covering it. During experimentation, the belt was slightly torn, indicating it is destructible and most likely possesses no supernatural physical properties. It was located the at the ████████ Movie Studio in Pasadena, California. Agent ██████ recovered it from an agressive assailant who was displaying its abnormal properties.

When worn, the user immediately strikes a martial arts pose, each unique to the user. Anyone within an approximate thirty foot radius of the worn SCP-1291 is assaulted by its wearer. Subjects who have worn the belt immediately possess an extended knowledge of multiple Chinese Martial Arts, including but not limited to the Tiger Claw, Buddhist's Palm, Cotton Boxing, Shaolin Fist, Axe-Hitch Boxing, Eight Methods, Mind Boxing, White Crane, White Eyebrow, Poking Feet, and Dragon Fist. While wearing the belt, the subject is very aggressive and attacks, using a series of often convoluted and unnecessary variations on Kung Fu, which often involve exposing key weak points on the subject's body and occasionally will display a superhuman ability in fighting, such as punching someone several feet back or jumping and performing flips in the air in quick succession. The user's fighting style often involves turning away from his opponent and somehow striking with accuracy. Each strike is done with remarkable speed and almost superhuman strength.

While fighting, the wearer's voice changes drastically. The voice is different and doesn't match the user's mouth movements, giving the impression that someone else is talking for the subject. Arm or leg movement without striking an opponent creates an exaggerated "whooshing" sound, as if the air is being manipulated. When the belt's owner hits or kicks his opponent, a punching sound, similar to a baseball bat hitting a pile of leather, originates at the impact point. When a subject changes his fighting style, he announces its name and makes another pose.

Managing to to successfully hit or kick a subject wearing the belt is incredibly difficult, let alone managing to subdue him. Firearms are still an effective way to injure and kill a wearer, however the subject's speed, reflex, and agility make it harder to shoot him. It is not know whether the fighting skills are retained when the belt is removed, because the only way to remove the belt is to terminate a subject. Any attempts to communicate with a wearer at a safe distance have only resulted in such responses as:"I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions," "Good cannot exist alongside evil, yet good cannot exist without evil," and "It is said that a Shaolin Priest can walk through walls." The subject will often accuse anyone within a combat radius about how his opponent had killed his father or betrayed his honor. This accusations have been proven to be completely false and the subject often makes references to Chinese people, many that do not exist or he has never met before. Further experimentation will be done to understand a wearer's reaction and usage of weaponry.

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