Pain Eraser
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Commercial product with an appearance similar to SCP-819.

Item #: SCP-819

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-819 should be kept within a secure lockbox at all times. Experimentation with SCP-819 is limited to personnel with Level 3 or higher clearance, due to the limited amount on hand. When handling SCP-819, personnel are to wear gloves and face masks to prevent accidental exposure.

Description: SCP-819 is a tube of plastic, containing wax and several other ingredients. Markings indicate that it appears to be a tube of Head-On, a commercial product intended as a homeopathic remedy for headaches. Applying SCP-819 requires twisting the base to extend the wax before rubbing it on the forehead.

Testing has revealed that the main ingredient appears to be wax, with trace amounts of potassium dichromate, White bryony, and Iris versicolor, and a fourth, unidentifiable ingredient. All but the fourth are harmless in their current concentration, and intended to soothe headaches.

However, the fourth ingredient is the most dangerous. When SCP-819 is applied to the forehead, the headache will immediately cease - however, testing reveals that SCP-819 will immediately destroy the centers of the brain responsible for pain management. Continued application will completely destroy all centers of the brain that manage the sense of touch. In and of itself, this is not completely harmful, but subjects have been driven insane and to suicide due to a lack of an ability to feel.

Addendum: See SCP-819 Testing Log for further details.

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