Item #: SCP-8472

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8472 is to be kept out of direct sunlight and away from any form of electricity. SCP-8472 is currently kept in a small locked steel box. If SCP-8472 is removed from containment and used, it must be fully discharged before returning to containment. When handled researchers are required to wear sunglasses.

Description: SCP-8472 is a small decorative box about 20 cm on all sides. The “top” of the box features a round dull white crystal orb. The “front” of the box features a large aperture that can be opened or closed by a switch on the “side” of the box. When the aperture is open a large camera-like lens can be seen inside. Attempts to dissect the box shows extremely complex clockwork that doesn't resemble any known type of invention. When exposed to light the orb on the “top” of the device begins to glow dimly and gradually becomes brighter as it is exposed to sunlight. If the aperture is opened while it is “charging” the glow will remain dim and light is reflected through the lens. If the lens is closed the orb will become brighter until hitting its “charge limit” where it glows at 30,000 lux. When the lens is open at full charge the box will emit an extremely bright light that can burn any flammable matter. On initial testing the “full-charged” blast proved hazardous as it ignited and burned everything saves for the steel wall; research continued in a safer testing area.

Log of materials tested against SCP-8472
100% Power

Paper - Complete incineration

Steel - Began to melt, however, the charge did not last long enough to burn a hole

Lead - Hole melted in the center

Pumpkin - Exploded (Further produce testing at 100% not needed)

SCP-682 - Ineffective, SCP-682 didn’t even acknowledge the blast

SCP-682’s left eye - Complete incineration, SCP-682 became enraged and escaped containment again (Only 5 personnel killed this time)

Human male (On death row) - Complete incineration

Stone - Exploded into rubble

Standard bathroom mirror - Bounced off but exploded anyway

Reinforced mirror - Did not explode, reflected until charge ran out

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