SCP-949 on work
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SCP-949 emerging from its latest hiding place prior to containment

Item #: SCP-949

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in circular containment room with 10 meter radius. The wall are to be lined with no less than 30 centimeter of fire retardant material layered between 3 cm of tungsten-alloy and 30 cm of lead lining. The room is encircled by two large arrays of electromagnetic coil, each capable of generating 15 Tesla of magnetism at maximum setting. The electromagnets are to run 24/7 at one (1) Tesla to restrict the movement and shape of SCP-949. Whenever subject exhibited aggressive behavior, the magnetic output are turned up to maximum further restrict the subject’s movement. The chamber had to be maintained as a vacuum at all times and observation and communication is made from triple-layer blast window which is hidden under the south wall.

Any maintenance personnel are required to wear lead-lined pressurized full bodysuit before entering containment facility. To enter, they need to pass through at least two (2) airlocks.

In the event of containment breach, personnel will be issued Level-A flame-retardant sealed bodysuit equipped with in-built liquid coolant system and lead-lined blast shields. Subject are to be controlled by the hosing liquid nitrogen mixed with iron

Four (4) units of 4000W electric heater are installed on the each wall of the room which his turned on. Television and audio books are to be operated in SCP-949 presence at daily basis second feeding to stave off boredom and keep depression in check. ██████-█ and ███████ are forbidden within 150 meters radius from subject’s containment facility unless ordered by personnel with Level 5 Security Clearance.

Description: SCP-949 is a plasma-based entity thought to have been transfigured from a human being. In its natural state, SCP-949 appears as an amorphous, superheated, glowing mass resembling fire with average temperature of up to 6000 Co. It could expand its body to cover large area though its core temperature decrease the larger it get. The plasma that makes up SCP-949’s body is similar to those found in ████████████ ███████ ███████.

The subject composition allows it to survive in vacuum but renders it vulnerable to strong magnetic field. A 10 minutes exposure to a magnetic field with strength above sixteen (16) Tesla could cause instability that leads to dissipation. Subject also emits radiation similar to solar wind and X-ray which could trigger the formation of cancer cell. When the radiation interact with ozone however, it will form an aurora-like phenomenon that surround the subject.

SCP-949 is primarily a thermovore that feed on heat energy. It did so simply absorbing heat from its surrounding, which could cause a localized drop in temperature. If biological organism is present within ten (10) meter will triggers classic hypothermia symptoms. It is calculated that it need a barest minimum of 4 kJ per day to survive. It also needs about thirty (30) gram of ██████-█ and/or forty (40) gram of ███████ every year.

Subject 949 is shown to be capable of higher cognition function though the presence of magnetic field interferes with this. In general, the stronger the magnetic field applied to it, the dumber it become. Subject had learn to communicate by shaping portions of itself into symbols or pictures or assuming vaguely humanoid shape to communicate through rough body language.

Addendum [SCP-949a]: The existence SCP-949 was first hinted after a series of devastating fire in ██████ ████, ███████, Indonesia in ██/██/████. However, the researchers of SCP Foundation remained skeptic about its existence until a Javanese shaman managed to contain him a clay-coated steel jar which somehow lower SCP-949 temperature to only 300 Co and basically put the subject in a suspended animation. The jar and SCP-949 was retrieved in ██/██/████.

The containment jar, nicknamed 'Genie's Lamp' by attending staffs, had been labeled as SCP-949-2. Proposal for its separate classification is pending.

Addendum [SCP-949b]: It is hypothesized that subject was once a human due to the remarkable similarity of its psychological profile to that of a normal human. For example,

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