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A scan of sheet music of SCP-956, pre-Keter classifcation in 199█

Item #: SCP-956

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any tangible or virtual (excepting human memory) media of SCP-956's melody (audial or visual) must be at a secure location in ██████████, ██. Any instances of such media that are not contained must be returned to the Foundation's secure location or, in such case that it's return is too cumbersome to accomplish, Foundation personnel are mandated to expunge of previously stated media completely (preferably via incineration). If any accidental exposure to 956 has occurred, a report of the incident to Foundation is completely necessary. Instances of tangible media (e.g. Sheet Music) must be wall-mounted oxygen fuck, rewrite containment paragraph

Description: SCP-956 ("The Deadly Melody") is a melody with properties shown to have excruciatingly addictive properties when played out to the human brain (similar effects have been noticeable on animals such as dolphins and orangutans). The melody's introduction to a human always results in that subject's suicide or subject gaining extreme psychological/behavioral ruin. Created by accident by the ████ █████ 1980's small "pop-rock" group in ████████, IL. The song eventually led to the suicide of the band's lead singer, ███ ██████ (via a .22 Colt Detective), the drummer, ████ ██████ (via the same .22 Colt Detective), the band's recording artist, ████ ███ (via self-induced asphyxiation), the attempted suicide of the bass guitarist, ███████ ███████████ (via overdosing of Methylphenidate, is currently now hospitalized by the Foundation), and the non-suicidal mental degradation of the lead pianist and vocal backer █████ ██████, (now hospitalized by the Foundation) along with numerous other hospitalizations, suicides, and accidental deaths of various individuals related to the music group.

Upon hearing the melody (or an correct attempt at synthesis in the mind), the viewer will note that the tune is "incredibly catchy", similar to exposure to various other songs. uh continue this shit

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