SCP-967: "The Infinity Tunnel"

Item #: SCP-967

Object Class: Euclid/Keter (Keter only to those entering)

Special Containment Procedures: Because This SCP object is a location in a building and not able to be contained in the normal systematic manner at the SCP facilities, a new method is used for SCP-967. The outdoor Staging Area around the entrance to SCP-967 is currently a 4 acre square space currently owned by the SCP foundation. The Staging Area should, at all times, be containing:

One (1) Decontamination Tent over the entrance to SCP-967
Four (4) Tents containing the subjects willing to enter SCP-967
Forty (40) Lengths of standard aluminum chain link fence surrounding the staging area
One (1) Munitions Stockpile containing [DATA EXPUNGED]; See Addendum one.
At least twenty (20) Entry Kits; Contents explained in Addendum two.
A minimum of thirty (30) D-class SCP personnel armed with Beretta model 9mm handguns.

The entire area of the ground occupied by the staging area should also be lined by thick sheets of linoleum, for the reason that SCP-967 [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-967 Is an entrance to a building presumably to be a garage entrance to the warehouse. The warehouse is located approximately [REDACTED]km north of a settlement in [REDACTED], isolated in a vast expanse of a moor. It is unknown how the warehouse got there, and the only clues are several pieces of abandoned machinery around the warehouse, thought to be used to build the warehouse. The pieces of machinery vaguely resemble modern-day construction vehicles such as cranes, bulldozers, and backhoes, except with a much sleeker design containing no angular pieces of metal. The metal samples collected from the machines was proven by tests to be a complex alloy of Titanium, Chrome, and an unknown metal that had several strange properties, such as [REDACTED]. The inside of SCP-967 is made of bare concrete as far as 300 meters, as far as the camera drone could travel without losing signal. The concrete looks as if it was originally painted white, but has begun to chip heavily. No objects are in in the tunnel as far as 300 meters in except for several grease stains on the floor, dust, and many chips of white paint and concrete. Although the factory it is installed in has only a length of approximately 400 meters, the tunnel is seen to break the laws of time and space by increasing in length well past that of the factory.


Addendum 1

The Munitions stockpile in the Staging area should be guarded by 6 personnel at all times. If one is caught stealing or entering the stockpile tent without proper authorization, the personnel have strict orders to shoot on sight. The Munitions Stockpile will contain several weapons and ammunition, for the reason that the tunnel has been known to eject, at random times, several violent beings that can kill extremely quickly. The Munitions Stockpile will be containing:

*Three (3) RPG-7 Launchers
*Ten (10) Semi-Automatic APR combat rifles affixed with holographic sights and underbarrel grenade launchers
*Thirty (30) Semi-Automatic Beretta 9mm pistols with underbarrel laser guided sights
*One (1) Dual transmission designator to activate the factory's on-site tactical warhead. Use must be approved by valid authorizations from at least 10 
Class D personnel and an on-site Administrator such as Dr. Rights, Dr. Crowe, or Mr. Cairnes.

Addendum 2
A single entry kit will be given to each volunteer who is to enter SCP-967. Each entry kit will contain:

*A high wattage flood lamp.
*3 pieces of luminescent chalk.
*5 standard issue high-output glow sticks.
*Tactical Vest (Bullet proof vest affixed with a shoulder-mounted wireless camera, a GPS beacon, and a 5 hour pull-string road flare.
*An Automatic 9mm Glock 18 with underbarrel flash light.
*Self-Warming sleeping bag.
*10 calorie pills (Enough to sustain an adult human for 6 days).
*1 Vapor condenser to draw water from the air.


Investigation One

The following is a transcript taken by the on-site typist at the control station. The first volunteer was a 6'2 foot caucasian male.
He weighed 140 pounds, and had a considerably large muscle mass. His criminal record had reports of second degree assault,
armed robbery, and gang violence. If he returned alive from the expedition, he could choose to drop one of the charges permanently from his record.

The camera flickers to life. The man is still visible from the control tent. The 15 staff members of control are watching the windows of the tent,
as well as the video feeds intently.

CONTROL: D1, this is control, radio check over?
SUBJECT: I hear ya nice and clear.
CONTROL: Please enter the tunnel and notify us when you reach the luminescent marker.
SUBJECT: Gotcha.

The subject enters nervously, breathing heavily with an elevated heart rate. The camera shows him walking through the tunnel hesitantly. 
Despite the high wattage of the flood lamp it only penetrates the darkness for about 4 meters. The glow in the dark line on the floor
comes into sight of the camera.

SUBJECT: I'm here, and it's freakin' cold! What temperature is it out there?
CONTROL: Good progress, and out here it's 75 degrees.
SUBJECT: What? [The subject checks his watch thermometer. It reads 59 degrees].
SUBJECT: Oh my God! Control! Did you see that?!
CONTROL: What did you see?
SUBJECT: It- It... was like a, a face! It was a whitish-grey color, and it blinked!
CONTROL: Continue down the tunnel. We'd like you to apprehend the 'face'.
SUBJECT: No no no no nooo. I am not going to do go into any of that-
CONTROL: You are here for a reason. Which charge did you want to drop again?

The Subject cursed under his breath. He continued on walking, and had his Beretta handgun in his hand, with his thumb ready to turn off 
the safety. He had activated his underbarrel flashlight and was taking hesitant, quiet, and slow steps. The video quality degraded slightly. 
Control did not inform him of this. Control's monitors witnessed a figure peek out of a cranny of the wall. The Subject did not react, and 
Control did not inform him of this either. The Subject stopped instantly, and the shoulder-cam dipped downwards.

CONTROL: Is there something wrong?
SUBJECT: There's a stench down here, and it's smelly as crap.
CONTROL: Can you identify the source?
SUBJECT: Well, as far as I can see, it's-
SUBJECT: It's blood. It's fresh, too.
CONTROL: Place a sample in the tactical vest's bag.
SUBJECT: Aww man, this is bad... [Subject scoops blood into a vial, which he promptly corks and stows in the bag].

The Subject continues for a while longer, and the winch on his tactical vest reads that he has currently traveled 800 meters. 
About twice than what would be physically possible with the size of the actual factory. The subject stops and rests with his back to the 
wall to consume a calorie pill and take a swig of water. The Subject notices the rope attached to the back of his vest.

SUBJECT: Uhh, what the heck is this thing on my back?
[At this point, Dr. Rights enters the conversation using the equipment in her tent].
RIGHTS: That is a winch that we can use to pull you back to the decontamination tent in case of an emergency.
SUBJECT: Who is this lady I'm hearin'?
CONTROL: That is Dr. Rights. She is going to be monitoring the expedition from here on out.
SUBJECT: I- okay, but I want to leave.
CONTROL: No, that's a negative.
RIGHTS: You are in that vest with a camera for a reason you need to-
CONTROL: What is the situation?
SUBJECT: The face... it... flashed, and it was close! [The subject is obviously physically and mentally shaken by this].
RIGHTS: [sighs] Yes, you may return to base camp...
SUBJECT: Oh thank you, I-.... AHHHH!! [incomprehensible]
CONTROL: What just happened?

This time, control picked up the face on the camera. It was missing a mouth and it's face from the nose down was exaggeratedly stretched.
When it flashed this time, it was about 100 centimeters from the subject's face.

SUBJECT: I'm LEAVING! [incomprehensible babbling continues for about 2 minutes]
RIGHTS: Activate the winch.
CONTROL: Affirmative. Subject, don't move. If you are moving when the winch drags you, your ankles will be dislocated and broken. Do you 
SUBJECT: [incomprehensible scream]

This time the camera picks up the face once more, but about 60 centimeters away from the subject's face.

SUBJECT: [still yelling]

The winch is activated regardless, and the face is picked up following the subject at break-neck speed. Another scream is heard, and when the 
winch is done dragging, only the tactical vest is retrieved. Dr. Rights and Control along with the tactical vest are taken back for debriefing.

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