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Item #: SCP-9999

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9999 is to be locked in a 4x4 room on a pedestal in a glass case. It is not to be removed unless authorized by level three (3) personnel or higher in case of misuse.

Description: This golden necklace with an unknown black stone. When worn, it makes the wearer unable to be harmed, basically making them immune to everything and invincible.
If any living being is subjected to SCP-9999's use for over a 40 minute period and experiences a strong negative feeling, SCP 9999-1 event will occur.
During SCP-9999-1 the lifeform using SCP-9999 (Which will now be referred to as SCP-9999-2) will undergo a physical metamorphosis. SCP-9999-2's skin will wither and rot, leaving a gray, transparent liquid that has the consistency of syrup. SCP-9999-2 will turn into a tall, humanoid figure, with a height of about 7'2 and super-human strength. Whether or not SCP-9999-2 is capable of speech is unknown. SCP-9999-2's aggressive behavior to others coupled with practical invincibility makes SCP-9999-2 a formidable threat. If any instance of SCP-9999-2 occurs, all personnel are allowed to use ███████ to terminate SCP-9999-2.

Addendum 1: After attempted use, security has been raised from level two (2) to level three (3).

Addendum 2: The Chaos Insurgency attempted to steal SCP-9999, and therefore has been put in a more secure spot in site ██.

Addendum 3: After the interview, security has been raised from level three (3) to level four (4), and has been moved to an even more secure spot in site ██.

Interviewed: D-9872

Interviewer: Doctor J████

Foreword: Interviewed the first D-Class to wear the necklace. Note: This was the first ever instance of SCP-9999-1.

<Begin Log, █/██/██>

Interviewer: Hello, sir.

D-9872: Why am I here?
Interviewer: Can you tell me about the necklace?
D-9872: Umm, I don't know?? You just put this on me like 35 minutes ago…
Interviewer: Do you feel different?
D-9872:I feel strong.
{Note: D-9872 is restrained by the hands and feet with handcuffs.}
[Agent G███ attempts to remove SCP-9999 from D-9872.
D-9872: W-What are you doing?
[Upon Agent G███ making contact with SCP-9999, D-9872 seems very agitated]
(Loud snapping of metal sound)
(D-9872's skin starts to shed, leaving a gray, sticky substance to flow.)
[D-9872 ███████ Agent G███'s ████.]
(Crashing sound, then gunshots)
<End Log, 2:37 PM>

Closing Statement: SCP-9999-2 terminated; 18 personnel were killed, including the Interviewer. SCP-9999 recovered.

Researcher Dr. █████: The interview was a major reminder that before we know exactly what an SCP does, we shouldn't put it in a room with anyone with little to no restraints.

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