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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained in it's 3m x 5m cell at all times which must be in compliance with all site 19 quarantine procedures; which include but are not limited to: Two airlock doors, A ventilation shaft with 100% recycling efficiency to allow for adequate CO2 to O2 conversion. Under no circumstances is the air exhaled from SCP-XXXX to leave the quarantined area. If such a breach occurs all medical staff are to be alerted, and all site personnel are to be quarantined and site-19 will undergo immediate lock-down. In preparation for such an event site-19 must be fully stocked with a wide assortment of antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal drugs that are not to be used for any other event. SCP-XXXX may request furniture and items for it's cell. All requests must be approved by level 4 security personnel and must be reviewed to make sure that there are no descriptions of infectious diseases in any footage or print media given to SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX, aka "Tom Reynolds", is a Caucasian male, aged 42, of frail appearance. Subject shows no extraordinary physical capabilities. When subject is psychologically profiled it exhibits all four ICD-10 symptoms of Hypochondriasis. Upon learning of a new infectious disease the subject will begin to exhibit symptoms related to the infection. These symptoms will go away when the subject is made aware of a different disease. All tests have shown these symptoms to be hysterical in nature and that the subject does not "suffer" from the disease. However, cell cultures have proven that SCP-XXXX will act as a carrier of the disease long past the infections normal incubation rate; with the most notable being [REDACTED], which the subject claims he has been carrying for over [REDACTED] years.

It is unknown how many diseases SCP-XXXX is carrying but the list is known to include:

  • Common Cold- 39 years
  • Seasonal Influenza- ██ years
  • Streptococcal pharyngitis, aka "strep throat"- ██ years
  • Spanish Flu- ██ years
  • Yersinia pestis, aka "[Redacted]"- ██ years
  • [Redacted]- ██ years
  • [All further classified data left out for brevity]

All drugs administered to SCP-XXXX have had no effect in destroying the pathogens in the subjects body. A small biopsy was taken from the subject's [Redacted] in order to study the bacteria located therein. Even after the biopsied [Redacted] was determined to have ceased metabolic function and allowed decay for over 72 hours all initial bacteria were determined to still be present and fully capable of infecting another Human. The Biopsy was sent to be incinerated, but the pathogens survived and were distributed by the smoke, resulting in ██ infections and ██ deaths.

It has been discovered that once the infection has spread to another host it becomes treatable by standard means typical to the type of infection. Complications arise in the fact that people infected will contract numerous fatal diseases at once. leading to severe shock to the immune system in under █ hours.

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