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Everything on this page is super fucking WIP so if you think it's shitty and made of fail, well, we probably agree. If you come back in a month and it is still shitty and made of fail, then I am doing something wrong somewhere, and if you have a spare moment, please tell me what you think it is. Once I have some complete stuff, I'll make a page to archive those. What follows is a bunch of author's notes.

TCoATR: Massive mixed-media project. In the final form, the page will got through several iterations, from the initial "Safe" to Euclid, to Keter, To Euclid, to Keter with reclassification denial, To a containment breach and MK-Class End of World Scenario caught in progress to a huge goddamn mindfuck in which the page seems to reset itself in it's cycle but actually is waiting for one last interation to go into some fucking shit that would make hideaki anno proud of me but not really.

That was confusing on purpose, of course. I'm not giving up the game on my star project.

LP: By and far my favorite SCP Proposal because despite their unpredictability how unbelievably cool would it be if there were actually something like these in reality?

OM: Idea that came to me on the same day as the Language Pens. Inspired by what very little I know about that H.P. Lovecraft story with the colour that wasn't meant to exist, and Theta Prime.

CIA: Figured that would be the most horrific disease ever because with the others, you can rage against the illness, you can hate what the virus has done to you, etc. Cares Inimica Aspe, on the other hand, not only kills you, but robs you of your ability to do anything other than passively accept it, and to me, that would be horror.

WHATISTHIS: Basically, an uncontainable SCP that, oh yeah, could be anyone, anywhere. And you'd never know because it erases it's inactive form from human memory (but critically, not history) every time it activates.

TPM: Based on an insanely specific fear I have.

TIM: I saw a photo somewhere.

AAAM: Based on Addendum A of SCP-055. Will need a lot of work to work.

FT1: Dunno where this came from but all right.

The Plague House: What happens when you combine the first anomalous property of the property in House of Leaves with headcrab zombies, a plague, and lovecraftian form incomprehension? LOBSTERS.

Uncle Joe: Is a very kind man who everyone loves very much and when I first met him two years ago I was twenty and didn't have any arthitis or slipped disks or the trouble remembering things I now have but it's all right he's always there for me always and forever unto death.

The Crush of All Things

A small portion of SCP-1556. Image has been automatically edited to prevent containment breach.

Item #: SCP-1556

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Safe Keter
All further requests for reclassification are pre-emptively denied.O5-█
Order redacted, reclassified to Safe.O5-██
Document locked to individuals without O5 clearance. O5's needing to make changes to this document must submit proposed changes before at least four members of the council. Any unauthorized modifications to this document will result in the termination of the Overseer responsible.O5-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Special Containment Procedures: Considering it's location and inability to move, SCP-1556 requires no extraordinary physical methods to contain at time of writing; however, great care must be taken in interacting with SCP-1556 as is true of all keter-class objects. At all times, a thirteen (13) layer metamaterial cage built around Site-131 is to be powered, primarily by nuclear batteries, and secondarily by SCP-█████. The room containing SCP-1331 is to never deceed a height of one meter above SCP-1331's true centre. All personnel assigned to Site-131 are required to wear a pair of purpose-made earplugs with a sound reduction factor of at least 0.1 dB. Due to the nature of SCP-1331's effect, absolutely no D-Class personnel are ever to be transported within ██ miles of Site-131.

On-site duties at Site-131 are to be staffed exclusively with Level One personnel, hereafter referred to as Class 1331-D personnel. These staff are to be terminated every ██ months.

Despite the completely inimical nature of SCP-1331, limited research activities can be authorised at the request of no less than eight (8) Level Five Researchers, the approval of the Site Director and a vote by the O-5 Council with no less than ten votes in favour. If permission is granted, use of computerised, shielded goggles is mandatory. These goggles must in some way process the image, the current approved method of processing is the addition of interlacing to the video stream. Failure to follow this protocol will result in immediate termination regardless of value to the foundation. Unprocessed images of any portion of SCP-1556 propagate a memetic virus into the human mind. Should any personnel come into contact with an unaltered image of SCP-1556 they are to be reclassified as SCP-1556-1-1, and, regardless of their importance to the foundation should be terminated immediately. Should more than four conventional means of termination fail, use of nuclear means are required. Should nuclear means fail [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-1331 is a non-euclidean object embedded into the floor of the Pacific ocean. From above it possesses a planar form, appearing liquid with observable currents and flow. When viewed from vantage points of decreasing altitude, it appears to contract into a sphere and the liquid aspect diminishes. From below the object's true centre, [DATA EXPUNGED], observation of this phenomena being instantly lethal. Physical contact with SCP-1331 is impossible, all attempts have met with failure.

The primary effect of SCP-1331 on those who see it is the propagation of a memetic virus, the contents of which can be summarised as:


SCP-1331 is capable of superposition, allowing it to occupy multiple locations simultaneously. Any image of SCP-1331 is SCP-1331. Once an image is taken, it is impossible to destroy. All images of SCP-1331 will appear to be taken from a distance of 300 meters at the precise height of the object's true centre, regardless of the actual position of the imaging device. This is true of all imaging devices with the exception of human eyes. Other objects in images taken will maintain proper orientation and distance relative to the actual position of the imaging device. For this reason, all images of SCP must be taken in digital format only, as digital implements are capable of altering images before rendering them, thus neutralising this effect.

SCP-1331 is sentient.

cognitohazard keter

Language Pens


[NI]SCP-1557 in it's recharge configuration.

Item #: SCP-1557 (Formerly, SCP-1557 & SCP-1558)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2 are to be kept in a standard containment locker when not in use. Care must be taken when handling them as they are no more durable than expected of regular pens.

Description: SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2. Are a pair of pens with retractable tips that when used, cause the user to either gain or loose knowledge of the language they are writing in.

SCP-1557-1 is a blue, gel-tip pen with a unique, gear-based extension/retraction system. This system is not found in other pens bearing the same model number, but is also completely inert. When a user writes in any language with this pen, they will gain knowledge of that language's written form until they reach native-level proficiency at which point the tip of the pen automatically retracts. No amnesiacs are capable of erasing this knowledge.

SCP-1557-2 is a ballpoint pen with dark grey casing. Light signs of exposure (Scratches, slight denting on the casing et al.) are clearly visible on the exterior. Any person who writes with this pen will loose knowledge of the language that they are writing in, unless said knowledge is granted by SCP-1557-1. If the user writes more than two paragraphs worth of content, they will with 99.6% certainty, loose all knowledge of the language. This increases to 100% if the subject write more than five paragraphs of content. Loss of knowledge is instantaneous upon final cessation of writing, but not before termination.


SCP-1557 in it's "recharge" configuration.

Item #: SCP-1557 (Formerly, SCP-████ & SCP-████)

Object Class: Safe Euclid2

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2 are to be kept in a standard containment locker within a 20mx20mx3m purpose-built structure when not in use. No buildings are to be built within a thirty (30) metre radius of the centre of said structure. Care must be taken when handling them as they are no more durable than expected of regular objects made of similar materials. All reasearchers working with SCP-1557 must have made at least one complete use of SCP-1557-1. Should SCP-1557-1 be used for any purpose, One (1) unit of D-class personel shall be diverted from regular termination cycles to use SCP-1557-2, per use of SCP-1557-1.

Description: SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2 are a pair of devices similar in appearance to common digital styli. Originally found in ███████, Bosnia 06/13/19██, then appearing as common ballpoint pens. When used, they facilitate the transfer of linguistic qualia to or from various sources depending on context of use. Despite lacking any visible mechanism, both devices are capable of being used for writing, leaving an ink identical in tone to their counterpart when used on black paper.

SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2's useful effects manifest when a subject either writes on blank, unbound paper or traces either object over a book. In the former case, they target the individual writing. When used on books, they work in a "destructive translation" capacity3. When used on electronic devices, [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-1557-1 appears to be a blue stylus, the outer casing of which is made of a material that is remarkably similar in composition to anodised aluminium, though demonstrating novel thermal properties. When "charged" it will have one of two effects depending on context of usage. If traced over text in any bound volume, it will translate that text in to the written form of the language with which the subject is most familiar. If the subject writes in a given language on blank, unbound paper then they will gain knowledge of the language that they are writing in at an exponential rate. Generally, seven paragraphs of writing will instill native-level fluency.

Of special note is that this process will work with anything that could be considered a language, even things not conventionally thought of as languages, and no amnesiac spectrums developed by the Foundation to date (D, C, B, A, Ω) are capable of erasing this knowledge.

SCP-1557-2 appears to be a black stylus made of a highly smooth material of unknown composition. Light signs of exposure (Scratches, slight denting on the casing et al.) are clearly visible on the exterior. Any person who writes with this pen will loose knowledge of the language that they are writing in, unless said knowledge is granted by SCP-1557-1. If the user writes more than two paragraphs worth of content, they will with 99.6% certainty, loose all knowledge of the language. This increases to 100% if the subject writes more than five paragraphs of content. Loss of knowledge is instantaneous upon final cessation of writing, but not before such.

SCP-1557-1 has a limited number of uses stored within it at any given time, where one use is equivalent to one language or approximately five million words translated4. After this limit is reached, SCP-1557-1 will cease to function until Procedure 1557-Yajñabali is executed.

SCP-1557-2 is inactive if and only if SCP-1557-1 carried a full charge at most one hour before present time and there are no persons within Ten (10) metres of the object. Should either condition fail to be met, and SCP-1557-2 is not actively in use by D-class personnel, SCP-1557-2 will immediately enter it's Active Phase. At this point, it will actively search out human minds in a radius that expands from the default Ten (10) metres at a rate of 1/10radius/second. All humans in this zone are then at risk of having their linguistic qualia completely excised. An Active Phase is ended only when SCP-1557-1 and SCP-1557-2 are placed into what is known as the Recharge Configuration. At this point, both objects comprising SCP-1557-1 enter what is known as the Transfer Phase, this lasting three hours, during which time SCP-1557-1 gains a number of charges equivalent to the number of casualties of the Active Phase. SCP-1557-2 will remain inactive for an additional six hours after this point in time.

Experiment Log 1557

Incident Log 1557-0

Incident Log 1557-0

Overchrome Markers

SCP-1912 before Incident 1912-1

Item #: SCP-1912

Object Class: Safe, Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-1912 is a set of markers (SCP-1912-01 through SCP-1912-10) and drawing paper (SCP-1912-11) apparently produced by ███ █████, an artistic supply company based in [country]; however, SCP's design specifications match with no known products by said company. When regular paper is used with the markers, no anomalous effects occur. When regular markers are used on SCP-1912-11, no anomalous effects occur.

abs: reproducable paperlike SCP and irreproduceable marker SCP's that demonstrate infinite colour value, nine of which are safe, one of which is Keter (formerly safe). The colours produced are not valid using a 2d colour system (photon intensity and wavelength, requiring at least nine dimensions. Ultima Grey causes a localised MK-Class Reality Conversion event.

Cares Inimica Aspe <— No I don't know if that's valid latin.

abs: Virus-like SCP. Infected become unable to harm things, eventually dying because their heartbeats are too violent.

ಗೋಲ್ಡನ್ ಟವರ್

SCP-(UNKNOWN) in it's tower configuration.


Object Class: (Oscillates between keter and unreadable)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(UNKNOWN) may or may not exist. If it does exist, it is currently active, impossible to detect, and uncontained. If it does not exist, then this document is a hoax. The truth or falsehood of what comes next— that's not for me to decide. That's for you. In any case, due to it's nature containment of SCP-(UNKNOWN) is impossible. All I can say is this: if you figure out who or what it's become, don't kill it. Keep it alive for as long as possible, because when it dies, containment will be breached, and no, there is absolutely no way of figuring out who or what it will manifest as next. Good luck.

Description: SCP-(UNKNOWN) is a small statue made of a substance with identical appearance, weight, electrical properties, and thermal conductivity to gold. However, this substance is not made of particles, the details on SCP-(UNKNOWN) are fractal in nature, and they extend far past the limits of microscopy. What, if anything, this statue is supposed to represent is unknown.

SCP-(UNKNOWN)'s anomalous properties manifest themselves when a human comes into contact with it, or if a human has not touched it for at least nine months. In the latter case, a human will, with absolute certainty, touch it in the next twelve months. It is believed that this effect is caused by a purpose-specific faculty of probability manipulation; however due to the extreme difficulty of studying this object, it can not be confirmed or disproved.

When a human touches SCP-(UNKOWN) all reference to it in normal formats (paper, tapes, disks, human memory, etc) is removed from the world seamlessly. If it's precense was critical to the outcome of a certain event, and it's abscene would change said event, then that too is altered in memory such that the same outcome is reached but SCP-(UNKNOWN) is not present. This is known as an MK-Class Concept Annihilation event, and within one year of SCP-(UNKNOWN)'s manifestation, it will happen.

After SCP-(UNKNOWN) has deleted itself from conventional storage formats, it then travels a random number of years into the past, but always to a moment as a human couple completes sexual intercourse. What happens at this point is uncertain, only that the Tower form of SCP-(UNKNOWN) ceases to exist. The couple in question will have a child, and this child will be reffered to as SCP-(UNKNOWN)-1.

I know that I am going to die soon. Maybe, when I wake up again the world will be a place I helped make better. But it isn't worth the risk.


Contain me.

abs: Idea that made me want to join. Small solid gold statue of a round tower featuring gothic architecture. When someone touches it, history is seamlessly rewritten and a relation of said person is generated. The sculpture dissapears until said relation's death at which point it returns to it's original location. It will manipulate probability to ensure it is activated within one year. It is indestructible. It is uncontainable. It is as harmful as a single person can be.

The Pale Man

No, this is not inspired by pan's labrynth. Go fuck yourself Google.

SCP-1289 needs a proper image.

Item #: SCP-1289

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1289, total containment is impractical at the present time. To minimize hazard to foundation personnel, all rooms that require true mirrors (eg, not one way glass , reflective surfaces that are not primarily designed as mirrors, any partially reflective surface, et al) are to be designed to be occupied by no less than two (2) individuals. SCP-1289 is not capable of manifesting in these rooms for reasons not presently understood.

Description: SCP-1289 manifests as a tall, extremely pale humanoid figure clad in indistinct black clothing. In 93% of recorded cases, SCP-1289 manifestations appear to be male.

Should an individual in a room experiencing an SCP-1289 manifestation event fail to notice the entity, they are in no danger whatever. Should they notice the entity, however, it is imperative to their survival that they have someone from outside the room open the door, at which point they may exit safely and SCP-1289 will de-manifest. Should SCP-1289's prey attempt to open the door from the inside, [DATA EXPUNGED] the largest pieces of which will [DATA EXPUNGED] [REDACTED] in all cases the lungs of the victim are missing entirely.

Terror Inducing Mask

abs: Mask of african origin that always appears the same, but will be remebered differently depending on howm many times it has been seen. Each time, the memory becomes more horrific based on individual victim's fears; a subject with arthrophobia (or whatever the hell fear of insects in called) would, after repeated exposures remeber the mask as perhaps a sequence of writhing, living giant insect legs.

An Actual Anti-Meme

abs: An idea that can be comprehended and understood, but is impossible to express in any way.

Uncle Joe


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe/Euclid/Keter (indicate which class)

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]

Description: [Paragraphs explaining the Description]

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

The Plague House

Exterior image of SCP-1818 prior to current Special Containment Procedures. Images of the interior can not be perceived.

Item #: SCP-1818

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1818 is to be contained within a structure compliant with foundation BSL-5 specifications at all levels. Only D-Class personnel are to be allowed to interact with the structure in any way, after which they are to be terminated after all pertinent information is collected. Use of Class-C Deleriants is recommended for all D-Class personel, as D-Class will usually recognise biological hazard protection otherwise.

Description: SCP-1818 has the external appearance of a condemned house, however all attempts to damage the structure in any way have been fruitless, and no records of the structures construction, owners, or address exist in any records.

Internally, SCP-1818 appears to consist of a single room that appears to be approximately the size of a hallway typical to structures built in 18██. Photographs of this room cannot be perceived. When asked to describe the room, D-Class subjects will do so with varying degrees of alacrity until asked to describe the wall opposite of the door, at which point descriptions vary wildly. For more information, please refer to Experiment Log 1818-A.

The danger presented by SCP-1818 occurs in approximately one out of three entries into the structure. Subjects who experience this event will exit the structure with several wounds that they will be unaware of and will possess no memory of the events that led to the genesis of said wounds when interviewed or interrogated. Further, examination of these wounds has exposed the existence of an unknown substance of indeterminate composition, exhibiting the same properties as any images taken of the interior of SCP-1818.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Foundation Tale: The Best of the Best — SCP Foundation Germany: HRO Dept. Orientation, Presented by M. Schäfer

"So, as you can see, we really don't care about getting the best when it comes to the rank-and-file. Why bother? We just pick anyone who looks young and fit off the street who looks willing, and we simply allow…." The aged man turned around while continuing to speak without even missing a beat, watching the carnage as the skeleton of a lizard efficiently slaughtered the entire group of trainee agents, "…natural selection to do the work for us." He looked around the room with a too-white smile and too-wide eyes at the former research assistants.

Some were pale, trembling. Some threw up.

"A highly efficient system. We get the best… The SCP's" and here he enunciated each letter of the acronym, and flashed a smile full of teeth "get the rest."

"This concludes the introduction to The Foundations Human Resources division. Should you be so stupid as to require a question, I'll see to it that you all get to experience our filter… firsthand. Gentlemen, ladies."

The man walked away, and one of the former research assistants cursed softly.

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