SCP-BBB: Invasive Species

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-BBB must remain in individual refrigerated 3m x 2m x 2m enclosures with smooth metal walls at least 0.25 m thick. Ambient temperature of the enclosure should be kept at -20 degrees. The enclosure is to have a feeding port no larger than 50cm x 300cm, and approximately 20KG of raw meat provided daily. Each enclosure is to contain a system of industrial sprinklers and igniters connected to a combustible fuel source. In the event a specimen becomes agitated, the enclosure is to be doused and ignited.

During experiments on SCP-BBB, no fewer than three (3) security personnel armed with incendiary weapons are to be present. For acceptable tactical loadouts, see ADDENDUM 4. Breeding experiments shall take place in a larger 5m x 5m x 5m enclosure, with refrigeration and ignition capabilities.

In the event of uncontrolled specimen release, the containing facility is to be completely locked down, and security personnel shall have 24 hours to locate and incinerate rogue specimens. In the event the breach is not resolved within 24 hours, Sarin Nerve Agent will be used to clear the facility.

For transport to new locations, ADDENDUM 2 outlines appropriate procedures.

Description: SCP-BBB is a biological hypercarnivorous organism, believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. While physical features vary continuously, SCP-BBB generally has a somewhat canine shape, between three (3) and seven (7) limbs, each ending in two (2) or more talons, as well as one (1) or more prehensile tails. Dozens of ‘mouths’ are located at various points along its anatomy, with no determined pattern. Multiple eyes, in the form of red blisters, are also present at random locations, though most specimens have a primary cluster on their ‘heads’ (while resembling the head of a terrestrial animal, research has shown that SCP-BBB has no central nervous system, instead using a distributed nerve network). This head carries a sharpened crest on the front and back that SCP-BBB uses to carve prey into smaller pieces for consumption.

SCP-BBB possesses remarkable regenerative capabilities, able to restore most portions of its anatomy rapidly. This regenerative ability appears to be SCP-BBB’s primary means of reproduction; healthy specimens with sufficient protein supplies will continue to generate new limbs and parts until a new specimen emerges and separates from the parent. Assuming ample food availability, each specimen of SCP-BBB will double in 8 to 12 hours. This is achieved through an abnormally high energy transfer rate (around 50% of energy is converted into tissue), higher than any known natural organism.

SCP-BBB has displayed no intelligence beyond that of a feral animal; Dr. XXXXXXXX has suggested that they are in fact [DATA REDACTED]. When active, SCP-BBB is extremely aggressive, and will attack any other organisms in its vicinity. Exposure to colder temperatures significantly decreases SCP-BBB’s metabolism and activity, making specimens far more manageable.

Fire has proven to be the most effective way to eradicate specimens of SCP-BBB. Care must be taken to incinerate the entire specimen however, as SCP-BBB may regenerate from partial burns.




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