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Photograph of SCP-CCCC prior to containment

Item #: SCP-CCCC

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of this writing, SCP-CCCC is contained in Sector-██. Subject is to be contained in 6 m x 6 m airtight and padded holding cell, observed via closed-circuit surveillance camera at all times. The cell is to be fitted with a bed, a bathroom with contained plumbing system, filtered air vent, and an observation window. Lighting in the containment cell should be limited to only 30 candelas at all times. Subject is to be given 500 gram of raw meat, two kilogram of live invertebrate, and a kilogram of plant matter three times a day. SCP-CCCC containment cell are to be cleaned and disinfected a twice every day by a personnel wearing level-5 hazmat suit.

Description: SCP-CCCC is a humanoid entity weighing at an average of 76 kilogram composed of invertebrate organisms from many species. While CAT scan revealed the presence of a human skeletal structure, subject’s flesh and internal organs has been completely replaced by the invertebrate swarm. The swarm functions in place of the subject’s muscular system and organs. Any individual removed from the swarm showed no anomalous property until it is reunited with SCP-CCCC. Subject can assimilate normal invertebrate organism into the swarm in the event of injury. Its skeletal structure however, cannot regenerate from damage. When the subject is exposed to light with intensity above 45 candelas, subject will lose its humanoid shape and the swarm will disperse over an area approximately 300 m2 in size.

SCP-CCCC constantly excretes clear viscous fluid at an average of 30 mL per hour. Closer examination revealed that the fluid contained a large variety of microbes and pathogens. Identified pathogens include Variola major, Mycobacterium leprae, Yersinia pestis, and Zaire ebolavirus. SCP-CCCC fluid appears to sustain the microbes indefinitely and allow infection to occur through brief skin contact.

Subject possesses no vocal capability but can hear and write reasonably well, allowing adequate communication though its lack of fine motor skill often renders its writing indecipherable. SCP-CCCC mainly writes in Classical Arab but it also displays little knowledge of Aramaic.

Addendum-01: SCP-CCCC was discovered near a small town in █████, North America at ██/██/20██ after a minor outbreak of illness that resembled English sweating sickness, followed by the frequent sighting of what witness described as ‘man made out of bugs’ during nighttime. Subject was contained five days after initial sighting and amnesiac is successfully administered to each witness.

Addendum-02: The following is a translation from the first communication attempt to SCP-CCCC by Foundation personnel on ██/██/20██:

We are cursed by Him
He [Unable to translate] vow
[Unable to translate]…ni Adam
We beg you
[Unable to translate]

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