Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No physical contact with SCP-xxx may be made by uncleared materials for any reason. Any uncleared material making physical contact with SCP-xxx must be contained in quarantine immediately, along with any materials touching the uncleared material. SCP-xxx must be kept in a well-ventilated stone case at all times. Any transportation of SCP-xxx must avoid windspeeds of above 10 m/s, and a double-layered container must be used to prevent containment breach. Residue from SCP-xxx's effect will radiate for a short period after being separated from the main body; no physical contact is to be made during this time.

Each day SCP-xxx is to be provided with 240 kg of dead plant matter processed according to Specification xxx-c. Personnel must wear Type H hazard gear when handling SCP-xxx. No tests are to be performed on the main body of xxx. Indirect exposure to SCP-xxx has proven to have other hazardous effects when prolonged, including dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness and eventual death. As such, research on scp-xxx is to be conducted in shifts not exceeding an hour, and researchers must remove themselves from scp-xxx proximity at the first sign of mental or physical instability.

In the event of a containment breach, powdered quartz is to be applied to any infected objects. If this proves insufficient, suffocation of the entire containment area may prove necessary.

Description: SCP-xxx is a glowing substance of variable size and infinitesimal weight. The composition of this substance is unknown. Some of the Foundation's physicists believe it to be an entirely new form of matter. Under normal containment SCP-xxx occupies a volume approximately 0.5 m tall with a 0.3 by 0.3 m base. Due to the constant changes in shape and size SCP-xxx undergoes, an exact measurement is impossible.

When a living or formerly living object comes in contact with SCP-xxx, SCP-xxx begins to consume it. Although the factors which contribute to the rate of consumption are still under research, certain general trends have emerged. More complex creatures such as humans and the higher animals are more resistant to consumption by SCP-xxx's effects, while plants and insects are more susceptible. In addition, dead matter is far more susceptible, with the susceptibility increasing logarithmically as a function of time since death.

When consuming an object, SCP-xxx spreads across the surface at several inches per second, and will gradually consume it from the outside in. It is theorized that SCP-xxx extracts something from the object during this process, as objects cannot fully be 'consumed' by SCP-xxx multiple times. Human subjects report that the 'consumption' process is extremely painful, similar to acid exposure. If the 'consumption' process is interrupted, the portions of the body exposed to SCP-xxx can remain unhealed for several weeks, and never regain full function.

By separating a small section of an object under 'consumption', it is possible to bud off new instances of SCP-xxx. Tests have shown these new instances to be identical to the main body of SCP-xxx; further tests are to use these new instances instead of the main body to reduce the risk of specimen destruction.

Addendum xxx-1: With the suggestion of Dr. [500-0021D], Subject xxx-D3 was exposed to the effects of SCP-xxx and was left to become severely "consumed". After that he was treated with SCP-500. Although secondary effects were healed, SCP-500 proved unable to restore the portions of xxx-D3 which had been “consumed”.

Incident xxx-1: A containment breach occurred when a small portion of the material used to feed SCP-XXX was detached by heavy winds during transfer to a new center of operations. The material landed in a large pile of dead plant matter, resulting in rapid growth of SCP-xxx. Emergency containment methods proved ineffective; a serendipitous thunderstorm eventually ended the containment breach after an estimated 3,000 km^2 was exposed. Despite the obvious military potential, weaponization requests have been denied at this point due to the danger of backfiring.

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